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I Am A Working Mother And This Is My Perfectly Imperfect Journey Of Motherhood

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Hi, I am Monica and I am an engineer.

I believe motherhood makes you a different being altogether with a lot of patience while also giving you immense happiness. It’s like having a job for which no one judges you. Your child won’t keep a score of you being a good or a bad mother. For them, you will only be their mother, the center of their universe.

Moreover, my daughter and I love doing our bedtime routines together, from bathing to brushing our teeth, listening to stories and sleeping together. These are some of my favourite traditions with my daughter. We both look forward to them at the end of each day, and it makes our bond grow stronger every day.

I am often asked about managing my life as a working mother; “Talking it out” is the modern-day solution to all your problems and works very efficiently indeed. You don’t just need to talk it out with your spouse and family members, but also with your children to make them realize the importance of your career to you right from the very start. It is all about how you addresss the situation. Whether your child feels you are coming from a place of it(your work) being your right, or from a place of guilt(which should never be).

Nonetheless, even amidst all the juggling, I do get my 'me-time'! It’s usually after my daughter falls asleep, and that’s also when I create my content or listen to calming music, amongst other things. I have no trouble understanding society’s notion of motherhood these days, as I genuinely believe that times change for good.

I did suffer through postpartum depression but after  my experience with it, I learned that there were people around who constantly did speak about the same; of course, exceptions will always be there. Speaking about it is completely normal, and seeing as how many women suffer from it in the modern day world, helps in normalizing it. I still remember my horrendous breastfeeding days wherein I couldn’t produce enough milk for some unknown reasons. I formula-fed my daughter, and she quite liked it, but I didn’t. Probably because you’re conditioned to feel that way, and society keeps interjecting and reminding you the same. But we got through it... together!

I want to insist on the positivity that comes in abundance when I am around my daughter. That one hug and that million-dollar smile make it all right.

Lastly, my message to mothers out there is to be themselves- be happy, and stop comparing. Take this gift of motherhood as the most precious thing ever. If you are sad or angry, just take a good shower, and you’ll be fine!

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