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How Motherhood And The Lockdown Gave Me My Purpose In Life

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With our lives always pacing at the speed of a bullet, we have come to realize that, our relationships with those we care about need a little more attention and care.

Contesting for Mrs India Worldwide 2020, and being there for my 3-year-old son at the same time, has made me perceive the strength that lies within an ordinary woman. Being a part of the hospitality sector, my post-graduation in Hotel and Tourism Management taught me patience, chivalry and importance of etiquettes.

When I got married into a Jain family, I moved to Delhi and had to learn things from quitting non-vegetarian food to learning a whole different language. Change taught me independence and the power of acceptance towards the laws of nature. Fashion and lifestyle have always been my highest points of interest, and have played a prominent role in my life.

When I first took a step as an entrepreneur, I became the founder of my luxury fashion house. Nevertheless, I had to let go of the business after I gave birth to my son. Later in life, I found my purpose in sharing my views, thoughts and ideas to inspire, and get inspired by other women. While working towards celebrating women from every other social background, I use my platform to make sure every voice is heard and respected.

In my recent campaign, I curated a live series on Instagram where I had exceptional mothers on board to express their thoughts on ‘Millenial Motherhood’. Motherhood is the purest form of a trait in every other species on this planet.

When it came naturally to me, I knew that I needed to work my way up with regards to my career, while also making sure to be a good mother to my son. Bravery and courage in women need to be portrayed more often in our biased-society.

In one of our live series, Jyoti Ratne, a Mumbai Police constable and a mother to her 5-year old spoke about how she put the nation before her need and fought alongside the frontline warriors to battle against this deadly pandemic. Another honoured guest in the series was someone who has left no stone unturned to rescue the lives of people who have been a victim of human trafficking and prostitution-Miss Triveni Acharya. She is the co-founder of Rescue Foundation, who has been liberating women and girls trafficked into prostitution across India.

Seeing all the hate spreading across the social and broadcast area, I want to make use of my platform to spread awareness and positivity. My aim lies in contributing towards the betterment of society, women empowerment and feminine hygiene.

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