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This Poem Where A 22-Year-Old Girl Talks About The Inhuman Men Around Her Will Put You To Shame

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*For representational purpose only.

Behind The Curtain

I stare out of the window
My eyes blur, my neck hurting
My mind blank because it got used to it

Hundreds of nights as I stayed
Wrestling under men
My self-respect crushed
At times so inhuman

I do not want to wake up the next day
To see how my face has turned up.

I don't remember names or colors of their skin
I turn on the automatic mode
My clothes when ripped apart

My bare soul at once covering up my
I do not even shout now.

For my insides are hollow with anger

Of treating myself as "lifeless"
The demon hands that touched me
One day at age eight, ending my innocence
Was it my destiny?
A turn of tides, that swept me to this land.

Took me to this never-ending darkness then
When the whole world turned their back
The rich come to their knees not for prayer but
To satisfy the hunger lurching in their protruding bellies
Being human, have they forgotten when

They raise their belts just for pleasure of

Seeing blood oozing out of my blue skin?

I do not complain to God now

I think he went numb too

I still look out from the window until another night

My brows relaxed as if
In these twenty-two years, I have seen
Hundred years of life unfolding itself
If it was this way then, so hideous

I would prefer to consider
I am towards the end then.

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