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We Believe Actions Speak Louder Than Words So We're Taking Climate Action

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The Bhumitra Initiative is a youth-run initiative that has been working for more than a year to fight the climatic changes through collective on-ground actions and spreading awareness among the masses. We have been carrying out plantation campaigns, river and city cleanliness programs, and plog walks across Lucknow.

We believe action speaks louder than words and that every small effort counts; from educating children from the slums to conserving nature to spreading awareness among ordinary people to motivating young souls to voice their thoughts and raise voices against the wrong, to organising interactive programs frequently; we do it all!

Our founder, Mr. Achyut Tripathi, used to see firsthand the effect climate change had on the underprivileged section of our society, whether it is  facing the brutal heat in the summers or the unpredictable rainfall.

The poor who had the least to contribute to the climate crisis faced the most consequences, and that's why he felt the need to save the environment and saw the drive in the youth. Hence, The Bhumitra Initiative became one of our four projects. Bhumitra is a combination of two words; bhumi means earth and Mitra means friend, so, Bhumitra means earth's friend.

Our goals are pretty simple, doing what's in our control to fight the climatic changes, connecting to more like-minded people to our cause and working for the betterment of our city, our country, and sending a message to our youngsters and change-makers of the society. Anyone who feels the need to do something for our environment, whether it's a student, a youngster, or an adult wanting to get involved in either our on-ground activities like being part of climate strikes, plantation and cleaning drives or plog walks, or wants to help us out by running online campaigns can be a part of us by heading to the website and fill the volunteer's form. Currently, we are working in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, and will be expanding in other cities soon.

You can use eco-friendly measures like reducing plastic consumption, instead switch to stainless steel bottles, taking bottled milk instead of the usual plastic bags, taking a bottle of water whenever you go out, avoid buying and drinking soft drinks as you are saving your health as well as the environment, make use of your vegetables and fruits waste by making compost out of it, switch off unnecessary lights, take off the unnecessary plugs, use LED lights instead of the normal ones, reduce the usage of air conditioners and make use of public transport or go by walking/cycling instead of using personal vehicles.

Remember, change starts at home, and we can surely take these small steps to save our environment, right?

Another thing we can do is, stop throwing flowers in our beautiful rivers. Throwing flowers into the river has been a very spiritual practice in our country. Though this is considered holy, the flowers thrown in the water decompose and deplete the water of the dissolved oxygen, hence harming the marine life instead of dumping them in the ground so that they act as compost; this will fertilize the soil naturally. Make an environmentally conscious decision and stop throwing flowers into our rivers!

We must keep the rivers clean as water is the primary source of our lives, from drinking to cleaning to cooking to every aspect of our lives we use water in all forms uncountable beings are dependent on these rivers. A clean river ensures a healthy environment for everyone. If we keep dumping our untreated waste into the water bodies, it'll not only kill the marine life but also harm us directly or indirectly. Therefore, we should act responsibly.

Take part in community activities and organize events in your locality, especially in places like parks; raise awareness about climatic changes and how they affect us and how we can control them; organize plantation drives. Start living an eco-friendly, sustainable life. Whenever you think of an idea, share it with your friends and family; gather all the resources to implement it in the best way possible. Just start doing, you will find support though many will be against you, they will keep talking. Believe in yourself, in your vision. 

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