I Was Just Another Girl He Had A Secret Relationship With, So He Easily Walked Away

Anonymous Anonymous in Dirty Picture on 18 July, 2018

I somewhat knew this guy well. He was my junior in MBA and my best friend's childhood friend. We were friends in college and landed up in the same city for our jobs. We hardly met in the 2 years that passed as both of us were busy with our lives and whenever we planned, it got cancelled. It was three years since we had known each other and one day we planned to meet but that also got cancelled as his mother fell sick and he had to rush home.

He reached home and texted back that everything was fine at home and we would meet once he is back.

Two days later, out of the blue, he asked me if I would go on a date with him. I thought that as he was a nice guy, why not? He came back and we had our date. Trust me, it was the perfect one. We spent around 8 long hours talking to each other. I was really happy to have found him after a couple of failed relationships. We kept talking over chats and just wanted to be with each other. He again texted me 2 days later and said let's meet. As I work in a night shift, it was a little difficult but I still managed. We had to meet for the dinner but he got late by about an hour and I had to have my dinner all alone. I was very angry and I am a short-tempered girl. But this guy, he handled it so well that all my anger just vanished. I guess I had started liking him. I told him about my past relationships and how much I was hurt that I now don't feel like trusting anybody.

He patiently heard everything and told me that I should consider getting into a serious relationship with somebody if not him. I just thought, why not him? I had fallen for him.

That day we kissed for the first time. We had a sizzling chemistry like we were made for each other. But marriage was a big decision and we decided to spend some more time together and then decide. After that, it was the weekend and I was going out of the city. After I came back, I tried texting him, there was no response. Even my calls went unanswered. I was really worried. Then I got a text, and I went home because of some emergency. I was really worried and badly wanted to talk but he was just not taking my calls and not replying to my messages. This was a little weird but I thought there might be something going on. Finally, he texted me that his mom is unwell and hospitalized. I just texted back to take care and to let me know once he was back. He was back after two weeks and we really wanted to meet each other. We decided to meet, it was a weekday again.

He told me that he would tell his friends a lie as he hasn't told them about me yet. I thought that's fine. We met again and we spoke for long hours.

By this time we had seriously started liking each other and were pretty close. I even confessed to him that I had started loving him but he said he needed some more time. I was ok with that. Then again on the weekend he was out of the city and just stopped replying to my messages. I was again confused, we had planned to meet on Monday but there was no message or call from his side. On Tuesday morning, I kept calling and he wasn't taking my calls. I had an intuition that something was wrong like things were falling apart. I really wanted this relationship to work out. Finally, I got a text saying he was in back to back meetings and will call once free, as he needed to discuss something. That "discuss something" was alarming me that things were not right. But I still thought there might be something left and we could talk it out.

Then he called up in the evening, after his office.

That day, that usual happiness was not there when we both connected on the call, there was a strange silence and after that, he broke the news which gave me a shocker for a lifetime. He said, "I am getting married next year and got to know about it this Sunday". I was in a state of shock, completely devastated and was not able to understand what was going on. I told him, let's meet and talk this out. He initially did not want to meet but then he agreed and I met him after wrapping up my office work. I kept on asking him why he did this but he was as silent as a stone, that day he couldn't look into my eyes and talk. It was the same day when we had completed one month of being together. But there was no celebration and finally, I congratulated him for his wedding and just said to him that he ruined the three years of friendship within 3 meetings.

This incident has left me in the condition where I don't know if I would ever be able to trust anybody.

He will remain totally unaffected I guess because I was just another girl about whom no one knew (none of his friends) and we had no pictures together. I was just a secret relationship. But if somewhere he is reading this article he should know that he was the best thing to have happened to me, and I wanted to cherish it throughout my life but he ruined it all once and forever. Though I will never forgive him for what he did to me, somewhere I still love him.

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