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I Was A Sex Addict Until I Met The Girl Who Changed Me For Life

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I was a sex addict. I lost my virginity at age of 19 and I dated many girls between school and college.

All my relationships turned out to be one night stands. In 2014, I completed my from Galgotia in Greater Noida and got a job at an MNC in Hyderabad.

During the training period, I met a Gujjar girl. She had a decent personality. Our thinking and points of view matched and so our friendship grew with each passing day. I got my first project in Chennai and even though I had moved away, we treated each other like siblings and met once a month.

She went to Bangalore for her project. I was the same person I used to be in college; I continued to have intimate relationships with random girls.

In 2016 I got another project in Bangalore, I went there but was still meeting other girls. I would meet my sister every now and then, we would drink and get high together. I trusted her a lot, I would tell her everything about my life. She understood me, supported me and even scolded me at times when I did wrong.

Her efforts made me a normal decent guy again. I don’t care about random girls anymore and all my free time goes for my friends and family. I got a chance to hook up with many hot girls after that but I didn’t.

It's wonderful how one good person can change your life.

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