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I Married Him At 19 And I'm Made To Suffer In This Disgusting Manner Since He Lost Interest

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I am a 26-year-old beautiful and attractive woman.  I am a Brahmin and my husband belongs to another caste. I went for an inter-caste marriage against my parents’ wishes. I have been married for seven years.

During the first four years of my marriage, my husband loved me so much. He cared so much for me that I used to think that I had not made any mistake in marrying him. He was a perfect husband.

But after 4 years, I started finding many changes in him. He did not care for me anymore. He got into the habit of going for late night outings and remained out of the city most of the time.

He was not interested in sleeping with me anymore. And even if I asked him to sleep with me, he used to refuse. I was sure he was having a sexual affair somewhere else. Whenever I asked him about it, he used to scold me. This changed over time and he started slapping and hitting me.

The person who could never bear to see a single tear in my eyes, filled my eyes with tears daily.

I started finding solid proof against him. After struggling for 2.5 years, I found all the proof.

I was shocked to know that he was in a sexual relationship with a 45 year old widow, 15 years older than him. I was dumbstruck.

When I asked that lady, she rebuked me only in spite of feeling guilty.

I couldn’t do anything only because she is a renowned public personality (She is a politician). She took all my happiness.

My husband promised me that he would leave that lady. But he is still attached to her. He is still f****** her. He still has got a hidden phone and a sim card for her.

He is having his genital area shaved for her. He wears new underwear when he goes to meet her. There is no semen discharge with me. All these things make it clear that he still f**** her.

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