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I Learnt It The Hard Way To Never Mix Money And Love

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It all started in 2007 when I was seventeen years old. There was a guy who used to hit on me and I liked him too. He showered all the love in the world upon me and I fell for it. I accepted his proposal in the month of Feb 2008. Since then he had been a very nice partner who would support me in everything, take care of all my needs and demands. He would do anything to make me happy. Everything went well till 2014.

In 2013 I got a new job in Bangalore and so I moved. He used to come to Bangalore to meet me and we used to have a lot of fun. This continued till 2014 after which I moved back to Hyderabad. For my 24th birthday I badly wanted to spend my day with him so I asked him to come down to Bangalore but he denied saying he had some meetings. I observed his behavioural change since then. I asked him a few times about what was wrong and why he was avoiding me.

He would say he was busy settling down in life for me so that he could ask for my hand in marriage. I believed him and started helping him financially. But his needs were never ending.

He was jobless and was doing all kinds of illegal things that I had no idea about. Then in 2015 I saw his intimate pictures with another girl and I confronted him. He lied. So I got in touch with that girl, she told me that they had been in a physical relationship for more than a year. He had taken her to Bangkok, Rishikesh, Surat, Bangalore etc etc. They'd party every weekend. They'd get drunk and have sex all the time. They weren't in a serious relationship though.

I had a feeling that he had spent all my money on her. He had borrowed 3L from me by then. When I saw their pictures I couldn't believe it. I was in utter shock. I couldn't eat or sleep for at least a month. After that he begged me to forgive him and to give him a chance. I kept talking to him but I knew I won't date him again. He blamed me for his adultery saying I wasn't giving him time and that I told him that we wouldn't have sex until we get married so he had to sleep with someone else. I couldn't believe that the guy who could do everything for me could cheat on me like this, for this reason.

Later I approached his father, they asked me to file a case against him. Later he gave me a few thousand rupees just to convince me that he would return my money. He would say that his mom is sick to borrow more money from me. And once he said that his life would be a mess if he couldn't arrange for 50k in two days. He begged me for two days and I finally gave in. I gave him 50k that he had to return in a week's time. But that week never happened. The final amount he had to give me was 4L.

I soon got to know that he had borrowed money from a lot of people giving them different reasons. When a guy filed a case against him and approached me for help, he and his father convinced me that he didn't owe a rupee to him, and that they were approaching me because he genuinely owed money to me. He convinced me not to side with that guy. I got a bond paper signed by him saying he would return all that money in fifteen days. But as usual I never got the money.

Before that when I spoke with his father, he'd said that he would arrange for some and ask his son to give the rest. After that case was closed whenever I called them they abused me, saying they can't give the money so I shouldn't bother them. And my ex keeps postponing this every day. He sometimes abuses me when I ask for money. He calls me names.

I was the one working my a** off for him and he was having fun sleeping with other girls using my money. I feel so sorry for myself that I fell for such a cheater and spent so much time with him and gave him all my savings. It's been ten years since I met him. My parents are not aware of anything. My mom is a single parent and she has health issues right now. I don't know how to tell her all this. 

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