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I Fell In Love With My Dom, Despite Knowing We Can Never Be Together...

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Every human being has desires; for most, these are conventional; others have non-conventional or wild fantasies. For me, the desires took a wild turn, literally.

I am into BDSM. As a deeply emotional person, I found myself drawn into a BDSM relationship with a man I met online. He was my first ever dom and my introduction to the BDSM lifestyle. 
From the very beginning, he made it clear that he only wanted a strict sub-dom relationship, i.e., a BDSM relationship, not an emotional one. His proficiency in navigating this intricate landscape became a guiding force, allowing me to explore myself.

We opened up to each other, sharing about our lives.

As a shy and introverted person having anxiety and depression, I found solace in confiding in him... I told him everything about myself, and he listened to it and never judged me.
Over time, we became good friends, and I found myself drawn to his caring nature and how he was always there when I needed him. In no time, I developed feelings for him.

At first, I thought that the feelings would go away, but they didn't, and I knew that he did not feel the same for me. I knew I had to end our talks` or else I would fall for him even more, so I decided to tell him the truth. 
I felt relieved after confessing to him, and he did his best to console me and said that we could still be friends. He also said that the feeling would go away, and I am still waiting for it to, but I'm not sure whether I'll be able to... 

How do you forget someone who taught you so much about confidence and believing in yourself, who helped you out at your lowest? 
In him, I saw the qualities I wanted in a partner, but I can't have him, and that hurts. I know I'm to blame since he was clear about what he wanted. 

We don't always get what we want in life, but this is the one thing I wish I could have had.

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