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I Am The Other Woman In Love But I Cannot Even Think Of Destroying His Married Life

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I have been in love with a guy since the past three years. We are very good friends and I love him selflessly even after knowing that he doesn’t love me the same way.

Days, weeks, months and years have passed between us, and with time I have only fallen deeper and deeper for him. I have always hoped that he, too, will love me one day and we will have a bright future together.

We live in the same city but due to his busy schedule we meet less and we often primarily communicate over calls. One sided love is not at all easy; however, living with hope provides one with strength.

I have always been guiding him to differentiate and choose between what is right and wrong. I knew that I have been an important part of his life and this is the reason we have been sharing our happiness and sadness with each other.

After three years of my one-sided love, one fine day I got a call from a woman and she was continuously asking me about him. I was surprised and I kept asking her to reveal her identity and she said to me that she was his wife. Everything in my world stopped for a moment, I felt like someone was trying to snatch my happiness away from me.

Sadly, I was not dreaming and this was indeed happening. She went on to tell me that they had been married for eight years and had a son too. I consoled her to not worry because it was only me who had feelings for him and he was never after me. I wished her a happy married life and hung up.

He called me that same evening and confessed the truth after three long years. My love was so pure that I was of course angry at him but I still wanted all this to be proven wrong. We still met after this and now he knew about my feelings and my love for him. He knew that I was hoping this love to be reciprocated.

Now he loves me too and I love him even more. Even though I am aware that he is married, my love for him has never changed. He didn’t love me because he felt sorry for me but he loved me because I never stopped loving him. He loves me because I never demanded him to divorce his wife or abandon his son. I don’t know for how long we will continue like this but I am sure my love for him will never change. He expects me to move on and get married, but I cannot ever love anyone like I have loved him.

For the society, I may be the other woman; however, I am not in favor of destroying his family. On the other hand, I cannot even stop talking to him. I am an independent woman who has just expected love in return and nothing else, but I never knew it will be so hard to love.

My family doesn’t know what is going on in my life and of course they want me to settle for a better life. I am certain that I cannot ever love someone else the way I have loved him and now when I know that he loves me too then I am very sure that I cannot imagine my future with someone else.

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