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He Made Me Fall In Love With Him 4 Years After I Had Rejected Him And Now He's Gone

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It was a boring day at work, I was feeling lazy too. To pass my work time I was on Facebook where suddenly a message popped up from a boy named “Golu”.

I remembered he was the same guy my parents had forced me to marry 4 years years ago. I am married now to the man of my parents' choice.

The conversation between me and Golu started well off and to my surprise he didn't know about the marriage proposal that came to my family for him. During the conversation, he expressed his interest in me and expressed his discontent that he lost a beautiful partner like me. I was just happy to know him at this stage as we both had a lot in common. For starters, we both were chartered accountants.

Our conversations soon became a part of my everyday routine or should I say he became my habit. I share all my feelings with him - good, bad, ugly. I started trusting him.

One day, he expressed his feelings for me. He said he wanted to kiss me. He had never kissed anyone before I also had a burning sensation for him, it was probably the urge to know him that closely.

I agreed and we made a plan for our first kiss. I remembered the day he came to meet me for the first time in a red t-shirt and blue jeans. I still get butterflies in my stomach remembering our first meeting. We went to one place where we sat in a conference room and shared a deep passionate kiss. It went much beyond a kiss but I cannot deny I was thirsty for love.

After our first meeting, our urge to be close to each other increased and we used to satisfy each other's physical needs. We decided never to cross our limits with physical pleasure and we never did that. I was enjoying the attention I was getting from this guy or may be I was feeling lonely in my married life.

But this happiness didn't last for too long. Suddenly, he started ignoring me, stopped answering my messages, calls etc. He used to be offline during weekends and I always wondered what went wrong, waiting for just one text from him. I tried to ask him many times but he never gave me a convincing reply.

He got me addicted to him and then left me in the middle of nowhere, without letting me know my fault. His behavior towards me scarred me for life. I agree we had some issues because of our age gap of seven years but if that was the reason then he should have not taken this relationship so far.

I feel he just wanted to have me to satisfy his male ego, maybe because I had rejected him 4 years ago. He came into my life just to prove that he was the perfect choice for me.

Now he is no more a part of my life and I feel lost because I truly loved him knowing that there was no future of us together. But love is blind.

If he reads this someday, I just want to tell him that I loved him with all my heart. I risked my marriage for him. I just asked for care, time and love from him in return and never demanded for materialistic things. It was a perfect relationship but he chose to leave me like this one day, hanging. 

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