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He Called Off The Engagement Because He's Gay But They Call Me Characterless

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I live in the US. My parents had started looking for an alliance so I met this guy and it has changed my life forever now. We met at my cousin’s place and then went out for coffee. We spoke for a couple of minutes and he was okay with whatever I was saying and he was trying to impress me. I wasn't sure if I was taking the right decision. But as I didn't have any boyfriend and my family felt he was a very good person, I said yes.

He started texting me but over the 4 months we were together, he just called me 4 times and when I asked him if he doesn't like me, he would always say that he was busy and why am I expecting a lot from him, whereas I was just expecting him to give me a call.

One day, he came to visit me along with my friend and cousin as a surprise, and we all went to New York. After we left my friend, I noticed some messages on his phone which were shocking and I initially did not believe it. My friend managed to export the chat and send it through his phone to mine in a couple of minutes. The messages were devastating. He is gay and had multiple relationships with many guys. I was in shock to see his pictures and chats, which took me a lot of time to digest. I first informed my cousins who are here and they checked everything and found out if it was true or not. When we confronted him, he called off the marriage from his side. We did not want him to go through a social embarrassment. My parents were completely devastated and felt guilty. But my mistake was not telling others the truth about him.

Now people talk ill about my character, they say that I had multiple relationships and he spread rumours that I have had relationships with multiple guys and that's why he called off the match.

Till today I am suffering from the consequences, people still speak about me and even though I know I shouldn't care, it still hurts. Whatever reputation I had for 24 years doesn't exist anymore. My own cousin spreads rumours about me now, stating that I go around with guys. Why don't people understand that if a girl’s engagement breaks, it's not her fault always? I just survive every day for my parents and my people say that things will fall in to place. But every day, I get up and sleep with fear. Why do people spread rumours when they know the truth? It is like I have committed a big mistake by being a girl because it is always the girl’s fault. I think everyone should understand that by spreading such cheap rumours they are killing a person mentally and affecting their confidence. Now I don't have the confidence to meet any guy.

Even when I am meeting guys, I get chills with the thought of marriage. I don't have the strength to go through all the pain again.

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