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Every Time I Caught Him Cheating On Me, He Made It My Fault

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I am a financially independent successful woman, I was the topper in school and college. I was so engrossed in studies that I had no time for love. I was too busy chasing my dreams and making my parents proud, and I stayed away from any kind of emotional attachments.

And then this guy from my office entered my life. He was a perfect gentleman, tall and handsome. He proposed and I immediately fell for him. I talked to him for about two months, just as friends, and then he introduced me to his family. His family approached mine and we were all set to get engaged. I was on cloud 9, he was the kind of person I had always dreamt of and I was about to get married to him.

We thought of spending a decent courtship period and enjoy this phase. I gave in to everything, the maximum I could do to this relationship. His tantrums, his mood swings, his anger issues, I took on everything just for the hope of a happy future. I can easily count days when I lost it and told him that I couldn't take his shit anymore. And then he would beg me to forgive him. I was stupid to forgive him every time.

And then came my worst nightmare! He was having an affair. Yes, an affair with one of his friends who had no clue that he was engaged to me. I confronted him, to which he plainly refused saying that it was just a misunderstanding between that girl and me. He said this won't happen ever again.

He got back to his normal self, we had less fights, things were rosy once again. I thought he had changed and loved me the way I love him. Three months passed and he starts ignoring me again. I had a gut feeling that he might be cheating on me again but I didn't want to face the same stressful situation. I came to know that he spoke girls, claiming that he's single and that he had called off his relationship with me. When I confronted him again, he started the same drama again, saying that he is not involved with anyone and it's me who's having insecurities, just because he's successful and good-looking.

I've left him anyway, I don't know if I can get over these issues and trust him ever again. I'm posting this story just to tell you ladies to take a stand the very first time he takes you for granted. Or else, you will land up in a mess, a mess where you won't be able to decide whether to quit or give him another chance.

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