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This Morning, I Knew We Were Not Meant To Be Together, But…

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That morning, under the blanket, when I opened my eyes

I was not expecting you to be there, lying beside me.

Only one thought was that this moment would not come again.
My heart was beating slowly. I can’t even tell you what I gained.

I just want to feel your fingers touching mine.

Your eyes are looking deep down the line.

Your warmth is making my thoughts shine.

The moment of silence, the moment of uncertainty,

Moment of unbiased gestures, the moment of hue.

Just one more second in that

And I would have fallen for you.

I looked at you and found you looking at me.
I can sense things are not how they were meant to be.

I got that instinct that it’s about to be over.

As you asked me whether to stay or go, knowing my answer

You know, it just broke that sand castle that I made in my mind when we woke up.

But, as I couldn’t say anything to you with a smile, I got up.

You got scared looking at my face.
Just to make you calm, that was the laugh I faked.

And on our way out of the room.

We both don’t know what to say or to whom.

And just when we look into each other's eyes.

I know we both weren’t lying.

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