This Is Rakhi For Modern Times

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I don't have a brother (sibling), so I couldn't celebrate Raksha Bandhan during my childhood. I prayed to God to bless me with a brother, unlike others. Raksha Bandhan may be a special event for some, but it was just another uninteresting holiday for me. I used to witness people tying rakhis and making pledges for lifelong protection, but I never got to experience it. God soon granted this request as well, although in a unique way.
I am fortunate to have the best buddies on the entire planet. We all formed a girl gang in our convent school and named our six-member group the "Mini Maharashtra" group.
Since everyone belongs to a different religion, as a consequence, we celebrate each occasion together. Yes, and Raksha Bandhan too! Since four of the six of us do not have brothers (siblings), we all decided to celebrate Raksha Bandhan by tying rakhis to one another. And not just celebrating for the sake of it, but by following the rituals and making sincere commitments to protect and stand by one another. We wear traditional apparel, such as Kurtis and sarees, which we arrange ahead of time.
We choose any friend's house to meet at our location, and we bring appropriate pooja thalis and send good wishes to one another.
Since we committed to one another, we have joyfully observed this occasion. Recently, I had a minor attack due to dehydration, and my situation became critical, but I was able to recover. My friends have kept an eye on me ever since and have consistently reminded me to drink water. In this way, we have proven our love for one another.
People believe that family comes first, but for me, family and friends are equal, and I value them equally.
Raksha Bandhan is a day for brothers and sisters to celebrate! We tried to change this viewpoint and give Raksha Bandhan a new significance. We've regularly been each other's pillar of support, and on every Raksha Bandhan, we vow to continue doing so.
We defied all stereotypes by making our Raksha Bandhan promises and then honouring them, which is odd in the eyes of society!
We've grieved, loved, and battled together, but we've always had each other's backs in hard times. We are capable enough of taking care of each other more than a brother (sibling) can.

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