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It’s Been Over 30 Years Since The Kashmir Tragedy Occurred, And I Can’t Bear That Many Haven’t Acknowledged It.

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I was deeply troubled after watching Kashmir Files. 

So much to the extent that I was not able to sleep properly the following week. Meanwhile, I started researching Kashmiri pandits one by one and unfolded in front of my eyes stories of horror. 

What's even more shocking is that first-generation pandits witnessed this holocaust and were alive to narrate the truth. It’s been 30 years, and this genocide is still yet to be acknowledged.  
Returning to the movie after my research, I realized the director has toned down the violence committed against them by 90%, and there were so many incidents that a 2:50 hr. movie could show only some. 

In reality, B.K. Ganju's wife was not just made to eat blood-soaked rice, but terrorists stayed back for ten days, raped her, and made her eat that rice for ten days.

What troubles me is the fact despite this, some politicians are calling it a “jhooti film” (Delhi's CM) and many are still denying it; anytime this film would have come out, one would have banked on it politically, that was inevitable and bound to happen but is a denial of genocide right? You do your politics pull each other down.

I don't care, but it is a mockery of the pain of the Kashmiri pandits, right? 

At last, I want to say or express that denial of this genocide will lead to the denial of violence committed anywhere in India; if you deny violence committed against pandits, many will deny violence committed anywhere, anytime with anyone in the country! 
Do we want to live in a country living in denial, or do we really want to move towards a unified India where there is a well-developed, systemized, institutionalized response to violence done against anybody anywhere in the country? 

Shouldn't we strive and fight to make this institutionalized, enforce stringent legal reforms, and question parliament, or should we fight and deny violence committed against each other?

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