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I Am Blessed To Have A Daughter And Here's Why

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I would like to share my daughter’s tale. When she was born, I remember the doctor coming to me and saying, “You have given birth to an angel!” and indeed I felt like she was an angel. I can never forget how overwhelmed I felt with joy. I am so proud of my daughter Insha Malik (Inz). God has blessed us with this angel and filled our lives with joy and love. Being a parent has been the best and most joyful experience of my life. I don’t know how else to describe this feeling.

I think it is rightly said that time flies fast. I have seen her grow from a happy, playful baby to an outgoing, pretty, loving, silly, kind, and compassionate girl.

She loves studying and has always got A+ grades. She’s currently in the 3rd standard. She just enjoys acting, dancing, singing, crafting. She takes part in every content creation event.

One day I casually started sharing her picture, video, reels, and any other activities on my personal Instagram account, to which I got a very good response. Reflecting on that, I thought of creating an account to showcase her talents like other baby influencers. And just like that, I created an account @thecutetales_by_inz on the 11th of August 2021. She began to create amazing content and interacted well with the audience.

This gained her a lot of popularity and love, and now her account is growing so rapidly, she recently reached 7k followers in just a few months. To date, she has done many collaborations and has received a lovely response and love. The favorite thing about being an influencer is when her followers genuinely express love and enjoy the content. I feel blessed to have so many supportive and wonderful followers.

My advice to everyone with a daughter is; raise your daughter to be powerful; they need to know that their talent and abilities have nothing to do with their gender. They don’t have to be afraid of dreaming big, to live loud or just to be themselves. Teach them to take action, make positive choices about their life. Nurture them to bring them up with a ‘can do' attitude.

Never compare yourself to anyone; it is a waste of time as you are unique in your own way. You have to really love yourself to get anything done in this world.

We don’t have a dull day because each day is special and unique. Especially on Sundays, we spend time with our friends and family; go for outings and share it with our family on Instagram through reels, photos, and stories, and just make beautiful, unforgettable memories.

I just want to say that daughters are just beautiful and magical. You are blessed if God has given you a daughter.

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