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As A Gender-Fluid Kid I Was Bullied All My School Life…

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Growing up, I felt like a puzzle missing a piece—different but trying to fit into a world that didn't quite understand me. 

You see, I had this fire inside me for makeup, but as a gender-fluid kid, the path to pursuing my passion was rocky, to say the least.


When I turned 7, I began applying makeup and styling my twin sister's hair. By the time I reached 15, I knew I wanted to pursue this as my career. But growing up as a femboy and genderfluid person, school and college were tough. The bullying made me dread leaving the house, and I hated going to college. Taunts and mockery followed me everywhere, wrapping me in fear and anxiety. 

Thankfully, my family stood by me, giving me strength when I needed it most. 

Their unwavering support was like a lifeline, helping me navigate through the storm. Despite the hardships, I clung to my passion for makeup, knowing it was a part of who I truly am.


I think I never knew that I was genderfluid, so drag became my way of living out fantasies of femininity and expressing myself. It's not just about being extra; for me, drag is a form of art and expression I can embody at any time. It helps me explore my fluidity and artistic side powerfully.


Amidst the darkness, I turned to social media, finding a sense of hope and community. Despite hurtful comments labelling me a "transformer" or accusing me of seeking attention. But on the other side, the overwhelming love and support I received made me confident and brought back the self I had lost once.

One day when I woke up I was so shocked to see that one of my reels had blown up and got 3M views.

I realised that this platform is very powerful and through my platform, I try to represent and empower others like myself, embracing both masculine and feminine energies and transcending societal labels. Makeup and skincare are for all genders, and I aim to shatter restrictive stereotypes within the beauty industry.


Today, I am working as a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist and I have worked for a few celebrities as well. I am so grateful for the love I receive at the set. I was afraid to step out in the world but through social media I have gained massive support and gained confidence. I am thankful to everyone who made me who I am.


Looking ahead, my aspirations extend into fashion, dreaming of gracing magazine covers as the first genderfluid Indian model, breaking barriers, and inspiring others to embrace their authentic selves.

My ultimate goal is to increase awareness and acceptance for people across the gender spectrum.


I would also love to work with more queer people, to be honest, and also, my goals for the future are that I want to do something in the fashion world—sure, the makeup world—as well as for the LGBTQ community.


My journey as a makeup artist and proud genderfluid individual has been marked by hardship, and as I continue to push boundaries and advocate for inclusivity, I hope to pave the way for a more accepting world.

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