Yes I Traveled 6000 Miles To Meet The Man I Swiped Right On

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 3 October, 2017

I was his first right swipe and consequently the first to text him. I also happen to be his wife! We met more than a year ago via Tinder. He used Tinder passport and pinned for possible matches in India. He had travelled a couple of times to India and was fascinated by it. So much that he was determined to marry an Indian.

In about two months time we moved from instant messaging to calls, and to video calls. I was sure, precisely around Valentine's Day, that he was the one. I expressed my feelings and said I'd like to finally call him my 'boyfriend' but I'd like to meet him in person first. But come Valentine's Day I found myself alone bunking on my sofa and having our first video call. We felt it natural to spend the day together eating our meals and chatting about what we felt of the last evening.

A few days later I shared some intimate inhibitions and details about my life growing up and to present day, which was a big release for both of us only to discover that he was more and more the 'one'. So the next thing I did is gather all my savings and buy a ticket to fly more than six thousand air miles to reassure myself and finally hug this man. He tells me that he was quite shocked to know that I didn't only say I would like to meet him but I actually meant it. Actions speak louder than words!


He literally started cleaning and fixing his house, knowing I was flying in soon. I had never flown out alone to another country before, other than a teeny tiny trip with friends. I landed to discover that his pictures lied about his European good looks. He had two colours to his eyes, which became bluer when he wore anything blue and greener when he wore green. His hair changed colour when in the sun or in the shade. He was much more beautiful and had a bit of an English accent which wasn't as clear on calls. You can tell, I was completely fascinated.

He also had some very swoon-worthy manners that swept me off my feet, instantly! But I told my conservative heart to take it easy.

In the coming ten days, I was taken around to see the city, meet his mum, brother and friends. I also got a tour of his workplace where he used to send me video messages from. His Mum mentioned that he's never brought a girl home in years and she was surprised when he said that he'd like to marry me someday. Four months later that wedding day came and she made a speech mentioning that he said in his early twenties, "Mum I never want to get married. I had to sit my parents down and explain what Tinder was and how we met and all my affirmations that were certified on my visit."

In the four months that passed, we had massive breakdowns at airports and on calls because the distance seemed like the biggest barrier. The best solution to end that ordeal was a happily ever after, which we sought for since we realised our strings were tightly attached. I had to open up to my family and have them give my heart a chance. I had to sit my parents down and explain what Tinder was and how we meet and all my affirmations that were certified on my visit. My parents agreed! He flew down to India on another 16-hour flight and stayed in my house. We did this so we all could get comfortable and know each other better but this was also an attempt to show him the real me, in my world, just like I had a chance to see him in his. Before he left to take his flight back home, he asked both my parents for my hand in marriage. Permission to marry me! Which, in his first world culture doesn't exist because their world is more liberated. But he did it, to respect my family, my culture and me.

On his return flight home, the flight attendants got word that he had my family's permission. He was given a cake and taken a picture of, which later was framed for him on his way out. He had a double-decker flight coming to meet him and congratulate him. There were many women co-passengers crying tears of joy! He had an experience he wouldn't ever forget - he also has the picture as a reminder, just in case he does.

He went back and I started to prepare all the paperwork for the marriage. We decided to marry in his country as his grandad was unfit to travel due to old age. We set out to wed by ourselves, but having granddad witness this wedding would have been special. We only had a handful of guests. We all together were 15 people. We married in a quaint chapel where a female priest officiated our 15-minute wedding ceremony. To top it all, our wedding dress code was comfortable casuals because the bride and the groom were not in the mood to put on their Sunday best! Jeans, shirt/blouse and VANS to complete the look for an autumn wedding seemed perfect!

When we look back it still feels unbelievable - flying back and forth and then airport crying scenes straight from Bollywood. We set out to wed by ourselves, but having grand dad witness this wedding would have been special.

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