We Are The Happiest People Together But We're Not Ready To Commit

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 27 September, 2017

In life, everyone has crushes. It is one of those elements that keep life going at its best. I too have a crush and we share a unique relationship.

After going through a horrible breakup, I had lost all hopes in love.

I was left completely shattered. The entire happy image about love had vanished. In fact, I was irritated with the fact that love even existed! After that breakup, I started to slowly change myself. Around the same time, I met this guy who had the most charming personality.

I was probably attracted towards him only because of his external appearance, as I knew nothing about him.

We stayed in the same building and frequently ran into each other. However, he never really looked at me, in fact he ignored me. But I always had my eyes on him. I created a fake account and started texting him. I gradually told him about my real identity and everything was out in the open.

I was sure that this was just attraction or perhaps, mere infatuation.

But as we started speaking, I realized that I was totally into him. I wanted to talk to him, spend time with him and just be with him all the time. That’s when it struck me! This wasn’t just attraction, it was love. I wondered why this was happening to me all over again!

I was too scared to handle another heartbreak and knew that I wouldn't be able to bear the pain.

After giving it a lot of thought and analyzing every possible situation, I decided to confess my feelings towards him. He'd also been through a bad breakup, even worse than mine, and had absolutely no interest in another relationship.

Unlike me, he didn't even want to give it a try.

However, I chose to go ahead and confess to him. He said that he couldn’t take a risk with another relationship as things could get bad and we would eventually break up. To avoid such a situation, he suggested we remained friends.

He honestly told me that I was more than a friend to him, but a relationship was out of the question; he didn't want to get into it at all. As I’d been through the same pain, I thought that it was best to give him space and time.

I didn't say a word and continued to be his friend but for me, he was my life, my world revolved around him.

Earlier when I would go shopping, I’d look at men's wear and imagine my dad in those clothes. But now, I couldn't imagine anyone other than him. My priorities changed; he became my priority in everything.

He also started changing. He became calmer and spoke openly about his thoughts. He shared his problems, his happiness and every single moment with me.

Slowly, he became attached to me.

I had a male friend in college and whenever I would talk about him, he would get uncomfortable, almost jealous, and I could sense it.

He started dreaming about me. He wanted to kiss me, hug me and make love to me. He missed me when I wasn’t around. In his heart, he knew that he loved me but sometimes, there are things that stop you from confessing your real emotions. It was the same with him.

He didn't want to lose my friendship at any cost.

This story doesn’t end here because we are two crazy people who know that we can't live without each other.

But we're not ready commit to the fact that we are in a relationship. And that's what makes us an awesome couple!

My name is Laila and he is Majnu. We love each other and have promised to stay together, come what may. I am thankful to God for giving me such a gift. I am also thankful to my Majnu for loving me so much that I found myself in him.