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The Last Time I Checked, Making Mistakes Was More Normal Than Killing Myself

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People make mistakes throughout their lives, sometimes unknowingly and sometimes when no other options are left. It hurts their near ones badly and they know it too, but they can't do anything about it because there are some actions in life which are neither unforgivable nor unforgettable.

So, should we lose hope? Should we give up? Umm, no! Life teaches us everything. It makes us fall so that we can rise again, be it in the last attempt, but we will.

Sometimes, you may be entrapped in a feeling that you're alone in this world that only aims to humiliate you and makes your life miserable. At that moment, make yourself believe that it’s just a bad phase which will pass like bad weather. Take care of the small things in your life, because they are the ones that if left unnoticed, will cause the greatest pain. Love yourself because that's the hardest part. We blame ourselves every single day for making mistakes. But forgiving ourselves is also not that easy. Why are you here? Who are you? Are you the one who is going to suffer for the rest of your life for the mistakes you have made? Are you the kind of person who has fallen once and now is afraid to get up? Okay, stop this circus in your head.

You made a mistake or a handful of them, but does that mean you have to regret for the rest of your life? Is this the end? Hmm, you know that it is your choice right? You can chose whether you want to live with regrets or rectify and get your act back together.

But before deciding on anything, consider this: there is a mother waiting for her child to meet him when he comes home, a brother/sister is craving to meet the sibling they would fight with and enjoy, there is a father at home who is seeing the ways of the person whom he scolds every day out of affection and care, but loves more than anything else. All their love, their trust, their pride lies in your hand. You take one wrong step and, it finishes everything. Their temperaments may hurt you, but your death will break them down.

It’s not possible to mend all your mistakes, it never will be, so live your life and let the shadows pass your way, with the hope that there will be sunshine again.

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