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My Kashmiri Girlfriend Didn't Fight For Me With Her Family And It Was Okay Till I Got That Call

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College apart from being an institution of learning is a place of developments wherein we go from being children to young adults. It teaches us valuable lessons on love, life and career.

Mine is a beautiful story of love found and lost to the complexities of 'the modern life'.

She was a beautiful Kashmiri Muslim girl who entered my life like a breath of fresh air when I was already heartbroken from my very first experience of a relationship. After the debacle of my first love, I had sworn never to fall again but she changed that with her purity, sincerity and those fluttering big gorgeous eyes that made me so weak that I fell and I fell so deep.

We had a perfect relationship for two years. Endless talks, never ending walks, passionate kisses, surprise gifts, she was my world and I was hers. I had pledged to marry her once I stood on my own two feet. I yearned to make her my one and only wife. But life had other plans for us.

Her parents on being informed of the fact that she was involved with a Muslim boy based in Delhi, forced her to back to Kashmir, leaving her studies mid way. I was devastated. We entered a long distance relationship, which already had its share of problems but her being a Kashmiri girl from a conservative family made our communication even more difficult.

I, however, travelled to her home town with just enough from my pocket money to bear the expenses of the journey. We had a fantastic one week in paradise. After a total of 3 years of our relationship I decided to take a stand.

I spoke to my parents, tried convincing my family and when they finally agreed, I requested her to at least talk to her parents once. So that I could come to her place with my parents and ask for her hand in marriage. She couldn’t. She gave up. She said she was sorry. She begged for forgiveness. I was shattered.

My only love rejected me because her parents would not marry her off to a non Kashmiri. That’s it. It was over, just like that.  

The remaining 3 years we barely talked to one another but were in touch during our highs and lows and still loved each other dearly. However, it wasn’t the same. A lot had changed. The irony of life is such; destiny had another twist up its sleeve. She came back to Delhi after 4 years for 15 days for an educational trip. We met again and it was magic. She cried that I was her only love and that all this time she never even thought of anyone else. Here was yet another chance of winning my true love back and making her my wife.

Now I was standing on my feet. A well to do lawyer who could easily support a family. I again proposed marriage and this time she said an eager "Yes", one without any doubts but requested me to wait for another year till she completed her Masters. Fair enough. I was more than willing to wait.

But life has one hell of a sense of humour! On the 4th day of her 15 day long stay in Delhi, I got a call from her boyfriend of 3 years who sounded very shaken to realise of my existence in her life. She told him that I didn’t matter anymore. That I was a nobody. She begged him to understand that I was her past and would never be her future and that she saw a future with him and only him.

How did he find out about me? No she didn’t tell him, the marks of the passionate night we spent with one another just a day before did. She was playing with both the guys and begged him to believe her that the marks were not of passion but an allergy to the changing Delhi climate.

I was waiting all these years for a player. No doubt she loved me, in her own way, but she didn’t love me enough to fight for me and to stay faithful towards me.

Now I can say it for sure that at least one day I will not love her anymore. I will move on or maybe have already. Her coming back to Delhi was an eye opener that I deserve someone who would fight for me and my love without any fear. I got the much needed closure.

In her greed to have both me and him, she lost me for life and maybe even him. However, I still wish her the best and sincerely hope that one day she gets the kind of man who's able to meet all her needs.

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