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This Is Exactly Why Every Introvert Must Go On A Solo Trip At Least Once In Their Lifetime

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There are people who travel for fun, leisure, adventure. People who travel to take a break from their routine, people who travel to explore new cultures; cuisines and destinations, and then there are people who travel, well, SOLO!

The Lone Travellers

While travelling alone a person goes through different phases — from experiencing various emotions, getting to know new things about oneself to connecting more with one's inner-self. Imagine travelling to an unknown destination, all new faces around, new things to explore, new cuisines to try, and so much more.. ALL ALONE!

You might have had trips with your family and friends before, but travelling alone is a whole new experience in itself. You go to a new place, you explore it, you love the scenic beauty and you are excited to talk about this place; your feelings, but you don’t have your loved ones around you to hear you or share that excitement.

While travelling from one place to another, you don’t have someone to accompany you. Imagine being in love with one of the local dishes but not having someone to share your food with. Isn’t it terrifying and exciting both at the same time?

Travelling according to your time, to the place of your choice; eating, sleeping and exploring different places at your own time and pace, having the food of your choice, and so much more. But more than all these, there is a distinct emotion a Lone Traveler goes through- the feeling of inner transformation. 

A person travelling alone has no responsibilities of anyone around, but the biggest responsibility of his/her OWN SELF. When there is no one around but only you, you become more aware of yourself and more responsible. There is no one around you in your journey so you start becoming independent automatically. 

You start managing your finances wisely because you know that there won’t be anyone around to lend you any extra bucks. You learn to interact with unknown people without someone’s help.

An introvert starts opening up to the world slowly in this solo journey.

And do you know what the best part is? You start relying on your own instincts and guts to take decisions. There won’t be anyone around you can depend upon, no one to guide you. Yes, you might make a few wrong decisions, but at the end of the day, it will make you realize your own capabilities; your strengths and weaknesses.

Imagine being in the lap of nature, with no one around but yourself, no chitter-chatter, no extra photo-sessions and no hurry to move from one place to another; and getting your very own exclusive and beautiful time with yourself and mother nature!

The inner talk with oneself, seeing things from a whole new perspective, enjoying the beauty of nature, those tall mountains, mystical clouds and sparkling water, along with the divine natural music of the birds chirping…Ah!

Will you trade this enticing time with anything in the world?

Your own little Paradise! And in that bewitching moment you will connect with yourself just a little bit more in a resplendent way. That feeling of knowing yourself like never before, becoming your own Best Friend!

An entrancing transformation! Because when a Solo Traveler arrives home, he/she is not the same person who had left for the journey. This person turns into a more responsible and self-dependent individual, with a whole new perspective of life, happy and content in their own company, turning into a traveler from being merely a tourist.

I am sure now you know why people say that a solo trip at least once in a lifetime is a must. It creates Magic! I am already packing my bags. What about you guys?

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