I Got Married To The Man Who Made Me Realise First Impression Is NOT The Last Impression

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 6 August, 2017

I had a crappy day after having constant fights with my sister in a city where the two of us lived by ourselves. It was taking a toll on my mind. I hated it when she brought up that insulting topic about my former boyfriend ditching me because I wasn't that good, whenever she had to pit against me. It was like her “brahmastra”, as I just withdrew after listening to anything like that. It was painful and I would sleep myself to tears.

It seemed like attending the office workshop which required two days boarding (and somehow I didn't really want to opt for) would finally give me the break that I needed from all of this.

So I went for the sake of peace I so wanted after concluding my 8 year long relationship a few months back (because my boyfriend's family was basically against us.) The nagging that I received day in and day out from my sister was making me restless.

Somehow I was in my most creative elements in the two days at the workshop. Maybe because I wanted to come out of the darkness, overcome the pain and wanted to just be the person I was some 9 years back.

Then it happened, as I went for a stroll with my friends around the lush property, I saw this guy walking towards us along with a group of my colleagues. It was strange that I had never seen him before at work and now, this moment I skipped a heart beat for the first time in many years just by how the pale moon light lit his face so bright that evening.

The two groups had a quick chat and we moved on our ways. It was later at the dinner table that we came together in a group. It was the first time I heard him talk. He was this young, good looking Punjabi guy that every woman my age longs for.

As the group conversed, he spoke of how he thought it's a pain to accompany women while shopping, as they take too long to pick things. He narrated his experiences one after other with a few women he knew. All the while, I kept thinking, he knows nothing. He is such a kid whining about women like any other guy.


I was so different from what he was saying and I know of many women who are quick with their decisions and absolutely to the point. He sounded so immature that I exasperated as I walked away from dinner table. I told my women colleague out of nowhere and no context, 'Those are the kind of guys I want to stay away from. He is such a kid. I could never imagine marrying someone like that.' She had a blank and confused look as she wondered what I meant.

It's been 4 years since then and 2.5 years since we got married.

Yes him and I, the handsome Punjabi guy I thought I wanted to keep at a fair distance because he was such a kid, got married.

It's never about first or second impression. It's just that your destiny keeps leading you to where you belong. We got to know each other better with a series of casual meetings and I realised there was much more to this man than I had initially judged him for. He has never let me down.

Today, in these 2.5 years he has been the husband that I had always dreamt of. Someone who loves me, respects and contributes equally. Sometimes more to our everyday chores. 

This story is to let people know that it's never the end of life if a relationship ends. Maybe life is leading you to where you should be. So stretch your arms and let life take over.
Author's Note:

This story is to let people know that it's never the end of life if a relationship ends. Maybe life is leading you to where you should be. So stretch your arms and let life take over.

Editor's Note:

We have heard it so often that the first impression is the last impression. Maybe we must be more apologetic and also consider the impressions that the person forms in the next meetings. Share this story if you believe in not jumping to conclusions too soon.