I Fell In Love With A Man From A Different Religion: It Was The Best Decision Of My Life

Anonymous Anonymous in Let's Face It on 5 June, 2017

I believe in the saying 'Dream and your dreams will come true'. In college, I always wanted to fall in love with my prince charming; someone who would sweep me off my feet. I was 18 then and life is not as easy as you think.

I lived alone in Chennai for 5 years while doing my graduation. There was only loneliness and boredom surrounding me. Such was my profession; nursing. It is of course a noble profession but completing the 5 year course wasn’t easy. I read a lot of books. My friends used to say, "You eat books".

Books! they are the culprits; they are the reason why I dream unrealistically. Otherwise who would think that a guy like Shahrukh Khan should become her husband? Lively, witty, charming with dimples.


Ten years passed by after I came back to Mumbai to settle with my parents. I had a few crushes but nothing that could actually work out. Mumbai guys are different, I thought. Little did I know that such guys don’t really exist.

Faithfulness, broad mindedness, super romantic were just some of the virtues I wanted in my guy. I was 32 when I lost hope in life. I was experiencing a heartbreak when my best friend entered my life dramatically and gave me hope.

He said I deserved better in life. We spent time together. He made me laugh. Taught me how to value my life. Initially, I looked at him as my best friend. We did not even realize when we both fell in love with each other. 

Well, there was a great wall of religion between us. He was a Hindu Brahmin and I, a Christian. Nothing could stop us. We did not think twice before we got married. I was 32. 


Three years have passed. With each passing day I realise that he loves me more and more. He made me believe in true love. We broke the barriers of language, state, religion, age difference and proved that in love, these things don’t matter.

My husband is the one I dreamt about all these years! How lucky am I? Tall, handsome, dimples, super romantic and above all, he is loving and faithful. I have cared about my patients with all my heart. Their blessings might have been a boon for me. 

All I can say is that, dreams do come true.
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