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How I Learned Body Shaming Wasn't Really About My Body

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*For representational purpose only.

When I was kid, I was called skinny. When I was a teen, I was literally body shamed for being lean. I did not have that perfect personality any young woman would have in the prime of her youth.

My first love literally said gain some weight and improve your skin tone, may be then I might think about you. It would have been much better if he had rejected me with harsh words rather than putting me down for my looks.

In my late 20s I had everything- confidence, vibrant personality, and positive life. When I was praised for being pretty, I could not believe it as I had been criticized so much that my confidence was broken and now any appreciation seemed doubtful.

Blessed with motherhood and after a baby I gained weight and the same people who slammed me for being skinny said "Hey you need to lose some weight, you look a bit plump." I literally laughed at their faces.

So girls, people are not going to stop. They will keep on commenting on you. What matters is if you are positive- healthy, both physically and mentally, You can rule the world. Don't let body shaming kill your confidence and don't fall prey to remarks of every unworthy person.


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