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How I Chased The Man I Fell I Love With The Moment I Saw Him: It Was So Worth It

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Love at first sight. Yes, it does happen. It happened with me and could happen with you too.

After completing my Graduation I went on a road trip with my friends to Shimla. We were looking for hotels to stay in and then when we found the ideal hotel, we parked our cars and just there in the parking lot, I saw this cute guy. We both made eye contact. After a while when we entered the hotel and waited for the allotment of rooms, I saw this guy again staring at me.

I was happy inside but nervous outside. I didn't know how to react and then just after 5 minutes, our rooms were allotted to us. I then went to my room and in 15 minutes the bell rang. To my surprise, it was the cute guy outside my room. I was scared, I didn't know what he was up to.

He saw the tension on my face and politely said "Room Service Ma'am". To which I smiled and let him enter my room to fix my television, which wasn't working. After fixing the television he smiled and said "Done ma'am" and left.

In that very moment, I started thinking about him, daydreaming almost. I became that teenager who fell in love for the first time. So then here comes the next day. My friends and I went for a city tour and that day I didn't see him in the hotel. I don't know why but I was sad and then on the day of my checking out, he was there and I was happy seeing him.

I wanted to talk to him, wanted to know his name but I couldn't talk. We just made eye contact again. While leaving the hotel he kept all our luggage inside the car. When everyone was seated in the car, I went to the washroom intentionally to be the last one to get inside the car and this happened.

When I sat inside, the guy shut the door and smiled. The car was moving ahead and I was looking back, looking at him and then he waved at me.

After reaching home, the first thing I did was google that hotel but couldn't find anything. I Instagram-ed the Places but didn't get anything. I was mad, frustrated and then I decided to call that hotel and I did. It got disconnected.

After a month or so, my parents told me we were planning a holiday. "You tell us, where should we go?" I replied, "SHIMLAAA."
We went to Shimla, stayed in the same hotel and I saw him again. He was happy to see me again.

This time I had made up my mind to talk to him. In the evening, my parents went to the famous temple there and I made an excuse for not going. It was 5 in the evening when my parents left the hotel, I immediately went to the parking lot and saw him there. We again had this eye contact. I went towards him and said "Hi". He smiled.

It was tough for both of us to talk but then I asked him for his name. We talked about places to visit in Shimla and he said, "Madame, it was nice seeing you again," and I blushed.

To talk more I convinced him to take me to a local food joint. The place of his choice, he hesitatingly said "Yes". He took me to a food joint and we spoke some more. We exchanged our digits.

And yes now it's been over a year since we've been dating each other. I won't say that we're dating each other, I'd say that we're madly in love with each other.

Love can knock on your door anytime, anywhere. I found my true love in him. I know my story is hard to believe but it happened. My parents do not know about this relationship and I know when they'll get to know, they will oppose.

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