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When All Else Failed, This Is What Helped Me

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As the news of new variant of corona virus floods in Mumbai, I and my family came to Delhi, our native. But we were not aware that sooner or later the virus wave was following us, in fact everyone.

It was early April, my father in law returned after his first dose of vaccine. We were monitoring him closely. In a few days he had bad fever, and we thought its a repercussion of the vaccine. But as the days went on it took a bad shape.

Within no days my legs pained too as if someone beat me up badly. Our family was under the virus spell. While we waited for the reports, which were taking no less than 72 hours, things began to slip out of our hands.

My main objective was to save the rest of the family. I completely locked my 6 year old kiddo inside one room, and mother in law in another. Asked my husband to double mask and take precautions as he was handling us all. As the situation of father in law started to deteriorate, I just tried to keep going inaudibly, taking the medicine and handling the chores.

In all of us the strongest one came out to be our little hero, my daughter. Don’t know how she handled her online classes, routine life and carrying all homework by herself. I have never seen this independent side of her. Sometimes, complications bring out the best in us. And the same could be evident from this little champ. She took control of this situation in the most incredible way.

She handled her granny too. Day and night I and my husband were struggling to find a bed for my father in law. We never knew that sometimes despite resources you could be deprived of basics. The oxygen levels were plunging down. The crisis of cylinder was making us emotionally puny and hopeless. It was turning all hopes into darkness. We could not sleep for nights.

However, as per the saying- as the end gets harder it gets closer too. I tried hundreds of groups on social platforms and finally someone turned to be savior for us. We got a bed in a hospital. Soon my fever shot up to 104. And I felt as if I hardly could breathe any more. I kept lying in front of my daughter’s photo and kept thinking to make out of this, for her. How fearlessly the little one was fighting it, so for her I had to be stronger.

I tried yoga, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Allopathy and above all positivity in my approach. After two days of struggling, I gained some air in my lungs. But the virus had left a void inside. I was on the verge of a breakdown. But the support of my husband, my daughter and prayers of parents and elders- helped me.

After two weeks we got my father in law back home. Gradually with support of each other we got till the end. All I got from this most depressing time was that, staying positive is the best key. When all seems to end and slip away, there is always a new start.

Never miscalculate your kids, as they are mystic and potent. Tough times shall pass away, stick to each other. Pray as they are silent medicines.

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