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This Is What I'll Miss The Most About The Lockdown

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Wow! I'm feeling so in love and romantic these days, just the way I felt when I first fell in love with him, now my better half, my dear husband.

I keep humming melodious tunes, I'm generally in a merry mood, do not really lose my cool. As I was sipping my steaming hot cup of morning masala tea sitting by the window sill, busy enjoying the view of the beautiful Gulmohar tree outside, I got thinking about my cheerful self.

Aha! I jumped up at my eureka moment! It is him, his presence around me for the last ten months. This is more than I got to see him in a summation of the last 15 years of marriage. Mind you, I'm counting only the waking moments because the time he's asleep doesn't count.

This lockdown has been a boon in more ways than one, it's given us a second chance, a fresh start, to spend quality time with our family. Having him around 24/7 is definitely on top of the list. I can feel the lovely aura of his presence in the house.

Finally, those initial days are back again, though not exactly in the same way, after all, courtship has its own charm. The same house which felt boring and drags, when both my daughter and husband aren't around, feels like heaven, bubbling with laughter and activities that were always put on the back burner for the lack of time.

Though I'm busy, engrossed in my chores, the innocent brushes between us while he comes to get a glass of water or some snack, still gives me goosebumps, as if we've touched each other for the first time, every time a shiver runs down my spine.

All the wonderful memories from our early days come rushing back to me, turning my cheeks all pink.  

“It's often just enough to be with someone. I don't need to touch them. Not even talk. A feeling passes between you both. You're not alone.” —Marilyn Monroe

The stealing of quick glances while he's busy on his office call, say a thousand words, making me blush. Though not a word is spoken between us, yet it feels like there's so much being communicated in silence.

“Blow me a kiss from across the room . . . Touch my hair as you pass my chair, little things mean a lot.” —Kallen Kitty

Planting those cute little kisses while no one's watching, make me go weak in the knees, leaves me wanting for more. Those warm bear hugs, which do not need any time or occasion, give energy and strength to my tired and sore nerves, feel like I should stay in the warmth of his arms forever. Catching up on the rom-com or some kinky movies on Netflix, on weekday afternoons, spices up the mood even further.

Who could have thought this would be possible on a weekday! I do not want our romantic love story to end, I'm simply enjoying each moment of this newfound love, which was always there, but this time around got a better chance in the last ten months to bloom to its fullest and in its most beautiful avatar.

When things go back to normal, I'll always have these delightful moments to cherish and fall in love all over again.

A study says: Touch is crucial in creating and strengthening romantic relationships. Tactile physical affection is highly correlated with overall relationship and partner satisfaction. Moreover, conflict resolution is easier with more physical affection—conflicts are resolved more easily with increased amounts of hugging, cuddling/holding, and kissing on the lips (Gulledge et al., 2003).

Eye contact is crucial in love, but its combination with touch multiples the romantic impact.

When people are still unsure about the romantic attitude of the person they have just met, eye contact with “accidental" hand-touching can remove all doubt

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