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I Am Covid Positive And This Is My Recovery Story

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I am Ishita Mangal and I am a Covid patient (still).

Funny, because I don't have any symptoms now whatsoever, and it's only been seven days, and I still have ten more days to go (in quarantine). Well, I have a couple of things to share because I do see a lot of leads, beds, and other things being shared, but not Covid recovery stories.

Nonetheless, I wanted to share my story for I found out something really amazing during this time, which might help others to some extent as well. I am, therefore, using my platform to spread the word. Having said that, there's no way in which others can find out what went inside my body; something only experts can do, and I am no expert, or doctor, or a researcher. I am here to only share my experience and the things that I did to help myself heal faster, things that were easy and can be done by others (at their convenience) as well.

So, about a week ago when the situation in our country started getting out of control, I used my social media handle to put requests and to give out leads. Um, that really got to me, I found it extremely overwhelming, and I soon experienced an anxiety attack, which was accompanied by breathlessness and I started to faint.

Now, this is something unusual because I have been through a lot of shit in life, and this was something that had never happened to me before. This was probably because of what we all read on social media, and getting myself involved with the same got to me terribly. So, my reflex action was to uninstall the app.

A lot of people enquired about me deleting my account but obviously, I didn’t do that (why would I?!) I did that to be away from my social media, and that really helped me a lot. I was away from social media for 36 hours and it made me feel good - I'm not going to lie. But soon after, I got headaches and stomach aches, and that was odd because I never get headaches or stomach aches. But then I had a fever, and that’s when I isolated myself and looked out for other symptoms, and I had all of them.

So, I immediately got myself tested, and yes, I was covid-positive (obviously); that’s when I started with the medication and all. So, the most important thing that I learned was to ACT SOON.

It’s not right to think that it wouldn’t happen to you, because I am someone with a good immunity - I, myself, eat healthy, work out daily among other things, but it did happen to me. So, taking the disease seriously is my advice to others. The fact that I quickly acted on this, didn’t spread to the rest of my family members. Also, there is no harm in isolating even if you test negative or it’s not corona. My family is vaccinated with double doses and we have house-helps who aren’t, but even they didn’t catch the virus!

It’s quite strange how I caught the disease. Actually, our entire neighbourhood is concentrated with Corona right now, and even though we all don’t go out as such, I seem to have caught it via air particles. However, we even wear masks at home (like the doctors say). There’s no harm in it, and you’d probably get used to wearing the masks all the time.

The next thing, I consulted my doctor and followed all the given medications, prescribed diets, and breathing exercises. As a result, I somehow lost all of my symptoms in just two days. Now, it’s different for all, but in my case, I had all the symptoms (no smell, no taste, fever, cough, cold, headache, body ache, stomach ache, backache, breathlessness, and the changing of the color of my nails) together in the initial two days, and they somehow subsided right after.

Well, it’s a tad bit problematic because I was happy as soon as I tested positive for Corona. That’s because the first thought that came to my mind was that there’s one more potential plasma donor in the country now, and that’s me.

Therefore, I really feel that you have to THINK POSITIVE. You’ve got to channel your mind in a way, where you know that you’re going to get better, and not just that, but you’ll also be able to help others after some time. Hence, channeling your mind to think positive is important. In a way, you are also telling your body to work that way, and I truly believe in the power of manifestation.

I had also put out a movie recommendation on my story called HEAL about a week ago, which is quite coincidental. It’s like nothing would work on you if you don’t believe that you’ll get better eventually; it’s called the PLACEBO EFFECT! You have to think that you’re going to be okay for you to be okay.

I have been eating healthy home food (dal, roti, sabzi) that my Mum cooked for me, and I had shut myself off from Covid related news. Now, I completely understand that it’s not for everyone and that people who have family members infected have to check the news for information. But, I had to do this for myself, to be in a better state of mind. It’s like when you see news about plasma and oxygen cylinders, you feel that it might happen to you as well, you might need them too, and that kind of makes it worse when you’re trying to heal. It’s a human tendency and I surely was prone to thinking negatively.

Therefore, I kept myself away from social media, and all the covid-19 news. So many times, I have looked into the mirror (might sound juvenile) and kind of spoken with the Corona, that it won’t survive in my body. Now, these things do work because it’s preparing your body, releasing the necessary hormones for it to believe that you’ll survive this and get better. Again- MANIFESTATION!

So, entering a happy state of mind does help a lot. I remember my doctor telling me that I am the happiest Covid patient ever. She told me that I need to take rest but I conveyed to her that I feel so energetic, and feel the urge to work. My doctor said that if I am not forcing my body in any way, then I can work. So, that’s when I did the “Takeshi’s Castle” video during the first two days. It wasn’t easy, yes, because I kept taking breaks, and it did take me two days to make, and post it. But it was worth the effort.

I kept telling myself that I am fine, and I feel fine, and that helped me a lot. Another most important thing which I did was - MEDITATION course with “The art of living”. I had started it much before and even talked about it in one of my YouTube videos. This course helped me a lot- meditation instantly uplifts my mood at any time of the day. Also, just to clarify, Meditation isn’t yoga or chanting the Gayatri mantra three times a day, or even Pranayama. Meditation is a proper course that takes about 40-45 minutes. I’d advise you all to try the same with the help of proper teachers, and not those videos on YouTube.

I genuinely owe my speedy recovery to practicing meditation every day. This is because it has everything to do with how you think and how you breathe, pretty much the need of the hour. Also, it was completely different, like entering into a trance zone, and it really uplifted my mood and helped me find my center. This was needed to tell me that I am a warrior and I am going to be alright, and feel okay. And, in two days I got absolutely better and had no symptoms at all.

However, I took all my medications, and am quarantining myself still. I am supposed to quarantine myself for 17 days, and it’s only the 7th day today. I didn’t test myself again because there’s a shortage of tests and I am still in my room, so, I might just get tested towards the very end. I want the tests to be there for those who really need them.

Another thing, you cannot doubt science. You cannot just breathe or do just the meditation part, and not take medicines. You cannot question science, but at the same time, you cannot question your mind as well! I truly believe that your mind is capable of healing the worst kinds of diseases, and Covid-19 isn’t that bad. I agree it’s deadly because it’s a super-spreader but the silver lining here is that people are healing and we do have a good recovery rate in the country (coughs).

This super-healing property of the mind is even shown in the movie- HEAL. The fact that I trained my mind to believe and think a certain way, could be why I saw myself healing faster! Do whatever you feel is right and what’s told to you. I am only sharing my own experience.

Also, don’t doubt VACCINES. Get vaccinated ASAP. Both my parents are doubly vaccinated and they were pretty much in contact with me when I didn’t know about it initially. So, vaccines are indeed effective and you need to go get them! Nonetheless, don’t doubt science, or medicines and get everyone in your house vaccinated, even your house helps.

Lastly, I cannot wait to be outside of this room, and create content; I have still 10 more days to go, but I do feel extremely energetic. I hope to see you all in my videos very soon. Let me know in case you have any doubts. Take care, Bye!

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