Life In The Times Of Corona open letter

A Sincere Lockdown Letter From July 2020

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*For representational purpose only.


Dear common man,

Hope all is well with you. There seems no end to this; each day seems longer than the previous one.

Each day we wake up to hear more are ill and the lockdown extends.

We can't seem to hear any cure of what's happening and also get to hear many more incidents happen alongside.

Depression, anxiety, war, stress; name it, and it's all added to the list!

We are scared to even fall sick with the normal flu because we can't afford to tell anyone we are sick!

Why? Because even in such times there are many who take advantage of the situation; and boy, they do it so well!

Getting looted in the name of COVID testing, fake reports and getting admitted for no reason, misdiagnosis that leads to deaths, negligence that leads to deaths, arrogance that puts other's lives at risk, people looting (the migrants) in the name of helping in transportation, price hikes, political games and many more!

I know it's easy to say - don't lose hope, but that's the only thing I can say.

I know how it feels; all restricted, increased work, and decreased activity; our whole life has gone haywire!

But this will end someday, and we know it.

We may not know when, but we know there will come a day.

So just keep hanging in there;

And I pray that all is well with you.

Yours concerned,
A common man.

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