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When I Found Out About My Husband's Impotency, This Is What His Mother Asked Me To Do

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I got married recently on 29th June 2020. It was an arranged marriage. We met through a matrimonial website. 4th April 2020 we started talking. Day one itself I told him everything about my past be it my personal life or career.

I lost my mother 5 years back due to blood cancer. This void already created a big impact on me. I told my to- be husband everything so that we can be on the same page. I always dreamt of treating my mother in law as my mother only. Then time passed and 29th June came.

First day in my in-laws' house, I handed over the entire jewellery of my mother to my mother in law. First night I got to know that my husband is impotent. The entire family i.e my in laws were aware about this issue but they didn't tell us before marriage. They just wanted to do an experiment by getting their son married.

Time passed, I took my husband to reputed hospitals but his elder brother didn't allow him to have medicines. Rather he started giving advice to use artificial toys instead. I informed my mother in law regarding the issue , instead of supporting me she started pointing me out to reduce weight and keep my mouth shut. They started torturing me .

They came up with the advice of having relations with my brother in law just to have a child so that society won't get to know about my husband's impotency. My husband too supported this decision. I denied.

The entire family started torturing me. I have already filed a case against them. The entire family is missing. They have my mother's jewellery as well. Their lawyers are pressuring me to take a step back otherwise my in laws would sell out my mother's jewellery. I am fighting for my dignity , my rights!!!

I hope I won't lose hope in between. Staying positive.

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