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My Husband Cheated On My, And Now My Lover Might Leave...

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Being married to the man that I love and having a child with him was like a dream come true to me. 

However, as time unfolded, I came to the stark realisation that he desired only a physical relationship and nothing more from me. Initially, he decided to keep some distance, and so did I.
It had been three months since we hadn't seen each other, and I thought his love was over for me. Over time, I found out that he was cheating on me. It shattered me, leaving me broken, and life seemed hopeless. I cried for months, made several attempts at suicide, and caged myself. 

This continued, and one fine day, I decided I had to move on. I took up a job.

Decided to randomly fall in love with a guy, hook up with him, and forget my husband. And then I met this guy, let's call him Mr. Perfect, whom I didn't know at all. 
I first saw him in our cab, where he was being picked up from his home location, and I was on a call with my husband then.

He initiated a conversation by suggesting that we go on a break together. Initially, I refused, but later, we developed a friendship, which gradually moved to a phase where I used to sleep on his shoulders during the training period and take breaks alone. 

We used to both discuss our past gf-bf issues. Relationship issues.

One day, he mentioned that he would come to pick me up from my place, and we started travelling together from home to work and work to home. I fell in love with him and eventually proposed.
He needed some time to think about it and, after a day, said yes. 

On that day, we went to the rooftop of our company. That was the first time we kissed. 
I've been dating him for four years now.

Still madly in love with Mr. Perfect. My love for him didn't fade but somewhere I feel because of our fights or my irritating nature, his love for me faded.

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