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My Fiance Cancelled Our Wedding Because I Disagreed To Work After Marriage…

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I'm a South Indian middle-class girl with thousands of dreams. Right now, my main goal is to be happy and successful in life. 

I lost my father when I was in 3rd grade, and I really missed him because when he was around, he tortured my mother and us.  However, when I see other girls happily holding their dad's hands while walking or shopping together, I feel a sense of longing for a loving father figure.

My mother is my father's second wife; he had two children from his first marriage. When our father left, they all promised to care for us like their sisters. However, things took a turn when my brother married an evil woman.

The real troubles began then, prompting my mom to take us away to protect us. Until the 10th grade, I studied at various relatives' homes and spent a year in hostels. Meanwhile, my sister completed her 12th board exams, and my mom worked as a cook in several homes.

Later, we moved to a metropolitan city, and both my sister and mom found work at a clothing garment factory to make ends meet.
I, too, took up a part-time job while continuing my studies. Among my various jobs, I even had to clean toilets, a fact my family doesn't know.
Despite numerous challenges, I successfully completed my graduation. I started my career in accounting, and during this time, my sister got married and was blessed with a baby girl.

I met a guy at my previous workplace, and we quickly became close friends in just 2 or 3 months. He developed strong feelings for me and even discussed them with his mother before expressing them to me.
At that point, I didn't have any feelings for him, but when he confessed, I found no reason to reject him.

He's genuinely a good person, and the fact that we belong to the same community was reassuring. He assured me that everyone in his family approved, and we wouldn't face any issues from their side.

I spoke to my mom,  and she had no problems with it.

However, she had one clause: we had to stay in the same city even after our marriage. Otherwise, I would face many problems because of our cultural differences. Initially, he agreed.

When we had just started dating, I had openly shared my struggles with him; even expressed my desire not to work in the future. He told me that he wanted to establish a stable life for our future, and for this, I would need to help out financially… just for a few years. I agreed.

One day he informed me that his family was coming to visit. Little did I know that this one sentence would shatter my dreams. 
In the same conversation, he started emphasising that if we had to settle in the same city, we would have to work together… all our lives.
That was the only way we could survive in this city. I reminded him of his promise to me. 

But after a heated argument, he insisted that I must either agree to settle in his hometown or be prepared to work. He then disconnected the call and asked his family to return. All of this happened in the time that they were on their way to meet us. 

He sent me a message saying, "I told my family to go back because this relationship is not going to work out."
I was in utter shock, and I immediately called him, but he said the same thing in the call and disconnected. I literally begged him not to leave me, but he left me and didn't turn back.

I stopped eating and spent sleepless nights, and I became very weak. I can’t forget him. 

When I was with him, I received several decent proposals, but I disagreed. At 28, I've finally decided to move on. 

My family is actively searching for a life partner for me, and honestly, I, too need a break from this hell. I’m praying for a good life partner, but I don't know what is written in my fate.

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