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I’m Marrying The Man I Love, But Now I Have Cold Feet.

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I’m a 22-year-old woman who will soon marry the man I love, but despite that, thoughts about marriage do scare me. 
A few months back, I asked him to talk to his parents about us, and he did because I wanted us to be serious about our relationship, and there was no other way to do that. Our parents agreed, and we both are happy and soon going to be #rokafied. 

But a few days back, I met his family, who are very orthodox. 

His mother insisted that I should wear a suit after marriage and that they just wanted a girl who could do house chores. She was dominating the conversation and appeared to be trying to control me before we even got engaged! 
To add to this, they kept bringing up their elder daughter. Praising her for being an ‘ideal daughter’. 

I’m someone who belongs to a modern family.

After meeting his family, I started getting weird dreams in which we were always fighting, and they were pitting him against me. It’s very scary. 
Although my soon-to-be husband is supportive and always says he is standing behind me in every situation, but I’m still scared.  After all, it is his mom. 

How much can he fight with her for me?

All this is making me think twice about marriage. I don’t know what I should do. 

Any suggestions will be appreciated. 

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