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I Found My Soulmate When I Needed Him The Most: He's Married But That Doesn't Matter

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Could you imagine being a lonely person since childhood? Some choose solitude, what if loneliness chooses you? Life is hell! My parents stayed away from me and on growing up, I relocated to another city and continue to stay there till now. My life is filled with nothing but void and loneliness.

The struggle that I underwent due to some financial crunch and an emotionally non-supportive family, made things even worse, with the passing days. I was in a constant emotional turbulence throughout my teenage and early twenties. I was once diagnosed with Tuberculosis at the age of 23 and had to leave my job and go back to my hometown for a year.

Then I realized that I was born alone and will die a lonely death, one day.

The indifferent attitude of my parents even when I was on my deathbed killed me every moment. I was alive but not living. I always longed for one good moment from my loved ones which I could cherish for my entire life but unfortunately, it never happened. I was not earning anymore and living on my parents' money, the scenario, which my father never missed a chance to bring up in front of me.

Once I along with my sister and father went for shopping and there, my sister saw a top and exclaimed, "Didu it will look good on you and you should buy this". After saying this, she handed that top to me and went on with her shopping. Next what happened I could never imagine.

My father came closer and said, "Enjoy your life on my money". I was shattered. I came out of the shop crying like a kid. I silently went home and never uttered anything about the incident.

Next, somehow I managed a job in Pune with the help of my cousin. I relocated to Pune and started living there by myself. Never did my father bother to ask if I was keeping fine. I really don't know why he behaved so strangely with me and yet I was searching for an answer.

After joining my new job, I met this guy in office. The first time I was introduced to him by the HR I don't know why but in the very first meeting, I liked him as a person. I felt that he was a genuine man.

We started chatting during office hours and after a few days, we exchanged numbers. Gradually the office hours chat became our late night chats as well.Slowly we became good friends. We started hanging out together in pubs, restaurants and finally one day, he took me to his home. Visiting his house after dinners became frequent and we became very good friends (yet there was no infatuation or liking but a good friendship).

Like every other day, I was at his home, drinking alcohol, talking to each other, sharing stories about our lives and then suddenly something happened. He came closer to me. It was midnight and raining outside. Coming closer, he asked, "Can I kiss you?".

Call it the alcohol effect or my liking towards him, I gave in. We started kissing each other and then all of a sudden I realized that I shouldn't be doing this as I was already committed to someone else and he was married.

But then being so close I couldn't control myself and I allowed myself to flow with the emotions but we didn’t go beyond kissing as we both knew our responsibilities. Neither did I want to break my relationship with my guy nor did I want to be the other woman in my friend’s life.

Still, we remained as best friends and I started living with him. It's been more than three years now and we are going strong, in fact we fell in love with each other and now we have plans to get married.

Talking about respective partners, they both left us in the middle of nowhere, not because we were unfaithful to them or they came to know about us (they never did). My guy couldn't go against his mother’s wish and marry me, instead he chose to marry a girl of his mother's choice and my friend’s wife loved someone else and not him.

You can say that our karma followed us but I have no regrets of what happened. I am too happy with him and he came as a new hope in my life.

I don't regret as neither of our respective partners deserved us. They always humiliated us and we wondered as to what mistake we had made that they fought with us every single day.

It's rightly said that everything happens for good. And I have started believing in it as I have found the true love of my life. My soulmate! I love him and will continue loving him.

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