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An Open letter To My Cheating Ex-Girlfriend Who Will Be Married Soon

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My Dear Ex,

It’s been 1.5 years since our breakup; since that day, we haven't had any meaningful conversations. Now I have to write this letter to you as you are getting married soon.

As you know, you were the first lady in my life. We spent more than 6 beautiful years together. During this time, we have created lots of memories. Still, I cherish those memories. I am grateful for the love you showered upon me.

Most importantly, I am thankful to the almighty for showing me the right path. And also, I am thankful to you for the breakup. When we met at the consort, you showered me with attention, affection, and love, but your motive was different.

I had known about your past relationship, but you made me believe that it was him who had cheated on you. I didn’t see it then, but I was a mere pawn in your malicious plan. You made me think that you were in love with me, and it hurt the most.

Today when I look back at what happened between us, I never regret the time we spent together but I regret putting my trust and faith in you.

Once upon a time, you were the center of my life, and I couldn’t see myself without you. And you made me believe that you can’t blindly trust anyone. You shattered me into small pieces, and still, I am finding that those pieces made me the person I was.

After our breakup, I took a few harsh decisions in my life, and I never blamed you for the same. I know that we won’t be friends again, as I caught you cheating with all the others. You did it for money, but it was wrong. Let it be. I am very thankful to you for the breakup.

During and after our relationship, I suffocated too much, but today I feel free. I have friends and family who love me the way I am. They have never expected me to change for them.

And now, as the owner of my own life, I can make my own decisions.

I got to know that you are getting married soon so I have a few words for you.

"Love means trust, faith, acceptance, and support. Your lust for a luxurious life might again lead to betrayal in relationships for money. May God bless both of you. He will shower you with love and affection, so please do not break his heart. Please think before you take any decision, as it will affect two families in a relationship. Money will come and go, but family will remain with you. He will be your family. Start a beautiful journey with him. Live like a free bird as you always did and make his heart smile and eyes shine just like you made it when you went official."

Today, I hope I will get at least get an invitation to your marriage. You and him together for a lifetime, I'd like to toast to that. 


With love,

Your Ex.

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