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My Ex Boyfriend Was An Imposter And I Believed Him, In-Return He Messed Up My Life…

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I was in 12th grade when I met him the first time. We started talking as friends. Though I was always career-oriented and kept away from love, I didn't know why I was dying for him. Within a few days of our conversation, I was literally in love with him, and it was my first love. 

From the start, I was in 7th heaven being with him. Within 15 days of our conversation, he called me for a date. I was very shy to meet him.

On our first date, he took me to a park and started kissing me passionately. My love for him increased after this date. He was an extremely loving and caring person. 

Slowly, I started ignoring my career. I bunked as many classes as I could to talk with him. As a result, my 12th-grade scores were a bit. I was going through a depressive phase, and he was the constant support and love during that time.

A few days passed before I started my graduation, and suddenly I got to know that his real name was not the same as what he told me—his identity was completely fake. 

He told me he was working as a software engineer, but in reality, he was a medicine representative. I couldn't believe this at first. But gradually, after getting all the proof, it became clear that he was not who he claimed to be. I called him, cried, and questioned how he could do this to me.

He told me “Everything might be fake, but the love he has for me is always true, and it will always be true.”

After listening to that again, I forgave him. My love for him was that blind. I was utterly oblivious to reality, I was not ready to see the truth.

Again, we continued our relationship. I was in my second year of graduation, and he suddenly broke up with me for some reason, but he kept talking to me. From somewhere I got to know he was getting married. When I confronted him, he admitted it was due to parental pressure and an arranged marriage.

I was completely broken after hearing that. Despite everything, I continued talking to him. On his wedding day, one of my friends, who was also a mutual friend of his wife,  informed me that it was actually a love marriage, and they had been dating for 10 years. I didn't believe her.

I kept on calling him after his marriage, and once luckily I got a chance to speak with his wife when she told me they dated each other for 10 years, I was completely shattered. 

I went into deep depression for the next six months. I faced hormonal imbalance leading to heavy bleeding, and was admitted to the hospital. 

Today, by God's grace, I have a loving husband who supports me in all aspects of life. After meeting him, I understood the meaning of true love. After getting married, I did my higher studies and worked with Big4. Everything is perfect in life. 

Even today, recalling those difficult times gives me goosebumps. Love may be blind, but please do not lose sight of reality. What is not meant for you; would never be yours. 

Trust me, just to get him, I gave him 200 percent. Yet, I couldn't have him. God surely had better plans.

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