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They Want A Wife And A Mother But Nobody Wants A Daughter

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I'm happily married to him, but not happily accepted in his family. Like they say "conditions apply!" I was my father's princess and mother's best friend. I wanted to get married to the man I fell in love with. Unfortunately the guy I thought would be my prince charming was actually a mama's boy.

Even after completing three years of my married life, I am still struggling to bridge the gap between 'father' and 'in-law'. My new family is extremely well off. All they don't have is a daughter (despite having two daughters-in-law). My grandfather in-law is always trying to justify his irrational behaviour.

Having spent 30 years at my dad's house, I still have to take permission to visit him.

Being a mother is a blessing, but it has turned out to be a nightmare for me. Right from producing a fair child (as if he has to be the next brand ambassador of Fair & Lovely) to the "bechari" who can't produce sufficient milk to feed her baby and to top it all I have to lose my pregnancy weight overnight. 

I don't live with them but the thought of visiting them is enough to think- “what will they expect from me".

I was brought up by broad minded people and was taught how to live independently. But now I am in a cage of gold waiting for their acceptance, waiting to be their daughter.

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