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My Sister-In-Law Despises My Husband, And That Almost Cost Him His Life...

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I got married to the love of my life. Yes, we had had a love marriage. My husband is Odia and I am Bengali. But this never came in the way of our families to say yes to our marriage. 
We married in a temple in a tiny yet intimate ceremony. And everything appeared to be alright for a little while. My mother-in-law's demeanour towards both of us seemed to shift after our wedding.

 She refused to speak to us. It wasn't all that bad before. My husband has always been a source of contention for her.
My sister-in-law came and stayed with us for a few months.

It was during that period that my mother-in-law couldn't tolerate us. She had poisoned my mother-in-law's mind about my husband. Now, both of them couldn't even stand to see him.
The pandemic began shortly after our wedding. But it didn't appear to be as horrible as it was. And, because things were not going well at home, we decided to return to our work in Delhi.

However, when the lockdown happened, we knew that our careers would never be the same in Delhi. So we decided to return to Odisha and establish our own businesses.

But, at a time when every mother wants her child to return home, my mother-in-law insisted that we stay away. We both attempted every method of contact available, but nothing could change her heart.
All because my sister-in-law despises her only brother. My husband attempted suicide due to depression, but his mother and sister were unconcerned.

They are now threatening us with a police report and are planning to throw us off the ancestral property. I don't care about the land, but the whole affair is tearing my marriage apart.

I'm already so depressed that the only thing that comes to mind is crying and self-harm.
Is there any way we can persuade them to let us stay?

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