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My Cousin Brother Molested Me But My Parents Called It "Common"

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I was just a girl next door, living my life in a beautiful city with lovely people around me. I come from a very conservative background, but my parents were the most supportive and friends occupied a major part of my life. Though I seem all happy and bubbly always, I do have a dark side in my life.

This so called dark side started at a very early age, and it completely ruined my childhood and my faith in men.

Every summer vacation, my parents took us on a lovely trip to visit our relatives, it was always a pleasant stay until my cousin who was just 2 years older to me started molesting me. By then, I didn't know what exactly he was trying to do, but later I realized it was abuse. He used to force himself on me. The best part was, he threatened me that he would tell my parents that I was the one doing all this to him. I was so scared then because I had no one to share my woes with.

This went on for years, till I was 18. He would come and sit with his dick out in open. I dreaded his visits.

Finally, I found the courage to trust another man in my life, due to this childhood issue or whatsoever I chose to fall in love with a guy who was physically stronger than me. So, I confided in this wonderful man, my husband now, about these gross childhood issues. He is the first person in my life I shared this dark side with. He took it up in a very calm manner and asked me to forget it as he was there to protect me now. Everything was fine until one day this ridiculous cousin of mine turned up at my place, after 5 long years. I thought that since we are adults now, we would have reached a mature level of understanding. But to my dismay, I was completely wrong, he found a convenient time, and started hugging me from behind, and tried to touch me in all the inappropriate places. So that was the last string, as a mother now, I should put an end to this.

Hence I spoke about this to my parents before confiding in my husband, and apparently my parents reaction wasn't what I expected.

According to them, this is “common” among cousins! And I wasn't supposed to make an issue as it will ruin their sisterly bond. And my cousin took it as an advantage, he started spreading rumours among my relatives that I was interested in him, and I approached him for sex. Surprisingly, everyone believed his words even though they knew about my happy married life. Seriously. So women are subjected to be a treat to all men that they come across in their life. What kind of a society do we live in? Hence, my man was my solution. I gathered my courage once again and told him about this incident. Well, chivalry does exist. My man came to my rescue. Today, that guy, my so-called cousin, doesn't even enter my locality. At the end of the day, my man is my saviour and my parents were just another disappointment in my life.

I hope as present day parents, we make it a point to believe in our children, especially when they look up to us for help. If we are not there for them, then why do we have to take the trouble to bring them forth into the world?

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