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Maybe A Christian Girl And A Hindu Boy Aren't Supposed To Be Together For A Good Reason

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I'm an ambitious girl. After I graduated college, I dated one of my classmates. For the six years we dated, he was always good to me. He pampered me all the time. 

Just one hiccup- I am Christian and he's Hindu. When he first proposed to me, I asked him straight away if it would work out at his place, and he's said "Yes!". I had his full assurance that he would handle it smoothly. When he turned 26, he finally talked to his parents about us, and no surprises- they flatly refused to entertain this relationship. I was still quite confident that we would pull it off but we failed to make it happen. 

His parents then started pressurizing him to marry someone they chose for him. They would constantly talk badly about me. He would share this with me all the time. This went on for a while, and they slowly chipped away at his resolve. He crumbled, caved-in and told me, "Please forgive me".

I still remember it like it just happened- I couldn't speak. The words weren't coming out. My hands were shivering. Something in me broke - I couldn't find my confidence or my trust. I made a choice that day that I would not speak to him again. 

Three days later, his engagement and wedding dates were fixed. 

It was sudden. Everything was happening sooner than I could cope with it. I lost sleep for so many nights. Finally, after what seemed like a ridiculously long time, I got over it. 

Three years down the line, I meet this guy who reports to me at work. Shy. Cute. 100% introvert. One fine day, to my relief, he left his job. And then I called him and asked if we could meet. 

We hung out and had a few drinks. And like the cinematic ending I deserved, he eventually proposed to me with a ring and everything. 

He is nothing like the guy I thought I would end up with but he's everything I need. He has the empathy to ask me "What's wrong?" and talk stuff out. It's not an easy relationship, but we do the work together. I am totally in love with him. 

He has never let me go to sleep angry. I'm glad I'm with my introvert. 

Sometimes, I get unsolicited communication from my ex. I'm glad he left me and I'm indifferent to how disconnected he is from his wife. 

Everything is okay. 

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