I'm Not Going To Let You Abuse My Daughter Like You Abused Me

Anonymous Anonymous in Culture Shock on 8 October, 2017

We all know about domestic violence – hurting someone physically. But what about emotional abuse? What about emotional torture?

Ever since day one of my marriage, emotional violence has been prevalent in my life. Right from the time when I get up every day, what to eat and what to wear, how to talk and whom to be friends with, when should I meet my parents and above all, whether to give birth to a girl or a boy, is all dictated to me word by word to the extent that I have now forgotten my own identity, the things I had once mastered so well have now long gone. I should not groom myself because according to them it is just a waste of money and energy. Maintaining hygiene for my baby and myself is also not acceptable. Asking for something is like wasting my own energy because I seem to be screaming into a void. Abusing my parents comes naturally to them. My daughter can never be a part of their life because she is a girl, and so she cannot complete our family.

I have something to say to my abusers:

Get off my back people! Or should I say, f*ck off people, who are you to decide my life? If I continue to let this happen to me, your next target would be my daughter. And she will not be your next victim because I will not allow it. I refuse to accept that.

Doing chores is my responsibility, and you judging me every time for every little thing is apparently your responsibility. If I talk in front of your guests, I am ill-mannered. And when you call me names and abuse me in front of others then you are being civilized, right?

I have tried hard and I am still trying, to bring my useless life back on track. A deadline for this has also been set. I don't know what exactly I will do. Where would I go? How would I execute my plan? But my decision is final to set myself and my daughter free from this manipulation.

I know, it would be extremely difficult and challenging to start things from scratch but I have to take this chance for a better future for my daughter and myself.
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