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I Thought My Husband Supported Me, But He Blames Me For Not Living With His Parents...

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I met my husband when we were in college. Gradually, we became best friends. This friendship-turned-love encapsulated my entire being. 
With his support, I did my best in post-graduation, and the laurels of victory brought me a government job in a high school. He, on the other hand, struggled a bit and eventually got a job in the private sector. 

There was a definite difference in the status of our families.

But all I wanted was him. Our parents gave their consent at last for the marriage. That's when I saw the realities of married life. As we were living in a rented apartment, both my husband and I wanted a home of our own.

My in-laws, on the other hand, were baffled. I had to leave the house for nearly 10 hours because of my job and the salary. I was saving bit by penny to have our own house where all of us could live without worries. But, for my mother-in-law, being at home and doing chores was far more important, even if we had a maid for that. 
She didn't like me going to my parent's house just because she thought my parents would provoke me against them. She absolutely loved taunting, sneering, and making me cry. My in-laws wanted me to give them all of my money so they could buy a car, go on pilgrimages, and show off to everyone.

They had never been a well-to-do family, and my job aggravated their desires. 
My husband stuck at my side through all of this, knowing that all I wanted was a house of our own.

She didn't want to cook for us or keep a cook. I had to bear taunts as I ate at their house for free. I had thousands of “faults” because I went outside for work. She tried to provoke my husband against me, but he knew exactly who I was. After two years of failing, we gave up trying to make everything "okay". 

We left the house and rented another.

We'll have our own house by next year.

Now, I do my job, all the household chores, and everything else that a family requires. However, guess what? My husband now claims that I pushed my in-laws out of the way, and that everything was always my "fault."

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