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You Had Blue Eyes, A Tattoo, And Taught Us More Than You Signed Up For

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He was someone who seemed just like us but at the same time, was different from all of us.

If someone asked me how I would describe him, I will say only one thing “Perfect blend of qualities.” These are just a few words for that one person, who is among the very few people that changed my angles of life. We won't know how, when and why we meet someone but end up remembering them for the rest of our life while recalling all the memories related to that person.

Some memories may be good and the others bad, but in your case, Mr. Pratik, all we have are good ones.

From your phrases to your behaviour, just about everything exudes the persona of a trainer. I still remember how unaware I was on the first day of the positive way, with which you would impact me. We had just thought of you as the guy with blue eyes, a tattoo on the right hand, who was full of enthusiasm and zeal.
I never found any other trainer to be as cool and calm as you, who knows how to live life to the fullest. We were initially hesitant to approach you, but all that changed when spent an evening session with you in which, you inspired me to get my life back to how it was earlier, full of cheer and colour. I don't know whether you are going to remember me after a few years, let alone a few months, but you will be remembered by me and our whole batch, especially for your phrases- 'trust me guys', 'does it make sense', 'on a serious note', 'Yes, no or maybe?'

Your 'Accha!' was like extra cheese on a pizza, which we strongly desired for...

You are not just a trainer, but a live example of living life to the fullest and also a teacher. You are really down to earth with nice gestures and politeness that can charm anyone. I am will always remember the stories you shared with us. I never thought that I'd meet someone like you, as I was least expecting because I never wanted to join this program. But it's all destiny - how, when and where we get to meet special people. It was just another casual day with a casual call for a casual interview, which led me to meet you and really turned my life around for the better. I met someone who is more fantastic than I ever imagined in you. I always wanted to thank you but didn't know how to do it, but one thing I do know is that you are a good writer.

I hope that someday I will get a chance to read your books...

It soon was your last day and we were all supposed to meet you for one last time. We didn't know whether we would see you again and we all felt that we are losing something that had become a part of our lives. Our morning started with your voice and we all listened to you quietly. I wanted to do something that would make you always remember our team (that’s Pratik cool team).
We really respect you Pratik and wish that everyone should get the privilege of having a teacher like you, as a trainer. It is said that a teacher is someone, who is responsible for moulding the student and you did a wonderful job with us.

I hope we all graduate in our first attempt.

That would be the best gift from us for you and for us, the best gift would be to see you again. Don’t worry! This time we will arrange a good party for you. Some phases of our life are really short but you won’t know how they become so memorable that you can’t forget them, even if you suffer from short-term memory loss and that is what happened with all of us.

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