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We Met On Instagram And Even Though We Don't Talk Anymore I Still Love Him

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All this started last year. His request popped up on my Insta account. I usually don't accept strangers’ requests but it seemed like destiny. He wanted us to know each other so I accepted his request. He was low and emotional at that time so he needed someone to talk to because he was getting through his so-called breakup. We started talking to each other. I started caring for him and I started enjoying talking to him. I wanted him to become my good friend but then he started saying that he likes me because I am a nice girl. We started talking in May and one day in July, he told me that his ex called him and he cried.

This was the time when I should have withdrawn myself from his life but I was so stupid or you can say, innocent.

I thought it's alright, they must be only friends now. Until this time, I started liking him very much. My feelings bloomed because of him as he used to say that, “I love you baby, jaanu”. I was confused about my feelings for him, I did not know whether it was just attraction or love.

Finally we met in July at last and my confusion got cleared.

I got to know that I was in love with him. It was my first date with any guy ever, and it was perfect for me. After this, we still kept talking every day. Gradually, he stopped coming online as much. He gave me the excuse that he didn't feel like using social sites much anymore, and as usual, I believed him. One day he told me that he and his ex have started talking again. He still feels for her. It was like a nightmare for me. I couldn't stop crying for some days. But we still kept talking. When I met him the second time, I could see a difference in him. And I decided not to meet him ever again.

We almost stopped talking to each other. One day he called me and then we started talking again. He told me that his relationship is almost over. He and his girlfriend have decided to break up. So we started talking again. He asked me out for a movie. We both had exams so we decided to meet after our exams. He didn't text me after that so I called him and he denied to meet after first asking me out. I was able to guess why he denied meeting. It was his girlfriend. They were in a relationship again. Now it's been 3-4 months and I haven’t spoken to him. Today is his birthday and I have wished him. I still miss him every day even after this.

I still somewhere have love for him.

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