To The Guy Who Changed My Mind, Can I Be Your Last Love?

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 31 October, 2017

I am a 20-year-old girl in my final year of graduation in Bengaluru. I have a story that I would like to share, but it's not just a story. This is my personal experience.

I can call myself a studious girl who was always the topper of the class and college. I was least interested in sports and other cultural activities. I rarely even attended any college functions or events.

I was also against love and hated people who fell in love.

I don’t know what made me feel so towards love. Little did I know that my thoughts were soon going to change.

The first program that I ever attended in college was a short film screening. That event played a key role in making me feel what I’m sharing with you.

My seniors had made the film, which was being screened and it was really a good one. So, I decided to talk to the filmmakers and congratulate them on their work. But due to some reasons, I couldn't talk to them. In college, there was a guy who I found cute. He was my senior and was the same person who had made the short film.

I didn't even know his name but I always felt some kind of a connection between us.

I would get butterflies in my stomach whenever I saw him. But I ignored this feeling thinking that it was just attraction and I shouldn't pay attention to it. However, I couldn't resist the feeling for long!

He was very famous in college as he was an active participant in cultural events and a member of all the forums. I hardly attended any such events while he barely attended classes.

That was when I understood the meaning of “opposites attract each other".

One morning, I woke up and realized that I’d seen the 'cute guy' in my dream. I smiled to myself and went to college as usual. To my surprise, as soon as I entered college, the first person that I saw was him. This may sound a bit filmy, but that’s what I experienced.

I eagerly wanted to know why I felt like this when he was around.

The next day, February 23, was Ethnic Day in college. So my friends and I dressed up in traditional South Indian attire and went for the cultural program. The program went very well and during one such cultural event, I heard a voice, which sounded very familiar to me. I rose towards the stage to see whom the voice belonged to. And it was he, the 'cute guy'!

This was my best opportunity to know his name and as I inquired with people around, I learned that his name was Deepak. Finally, my urge to know his name was satisfied. I didn't wait much longer and searched for him on Facebook. Luckily, I found him and sent him a friend request. Within half an hour, I was notified, "Friend request accepted". I blushed and immediately sent him a casual 'Hi'.

His replies were equally spontaneous.

Within no time, we had exchanged numbers. Initially, I introduced myself as a fan of his work and still am one. His works are brilliant. Even he was happy with the response to his short film and thanked me for my compliments. Slowly, our conversations grew deeper and before I knew it, I fell in love with him, the man of my dreams.

Love was never my priority or my cup of tea.

But his smile, his eyes, that voice, his charm, creativity and most importantly, his simplicity and humbleness made me fall for him. I finally gathered all my courage and decided to confess my feelings to him.

I was ready to break the universal law of a guy proposing to a girl.

On 3rd June, I told Dee (Deepak) how I felt about him via messages. Being a practical guy, he gently asked me for some time, which I understand. He also said that I resembled Arya from the Kannada film Kirik Party. So I asked him, “Will you be the Karna (The hero of the film) of my life?” He smiled and said he would think about it.

Post my confession, Dee and I casually met twice or thrice in college. After each meeting, we'd shake hands before leaving. His handshake was always a firm one but I could feel the warmth in it. I've always felt very secured and comfortable when I'm around him.

Now, if anyone even casually says that they have a crush on Deepak, I get jealous and feel like shouting, “He is my Deepak!”

But, I can’t do that, as he hasn't assured me anything about our relationship.

It has been 3 months since I expressed my feelings to him. He is now an alumnus of the college and wants to make a career in films. I am happy for him and I also appreciate his decisions and wish him all the success.


But my feelings for him are also true. If he is reading this story now, then I have something to tell him.

“Though I love you, I've never said those 3 magical words to you. I think this would be the best platform to say those words. I truly love you more than ice cream Dee. Pardon me for not saying this before. Whatever your reply is, be it a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, I will always be your ‘Abhimaani’ and you’ll always remain my cute 'Kardee' (Panda).

I don’t mind if I am not your first love but I would like to be your last one.

Thank you for coming into my life and I hope you stay forever.

Author's Note:

If you ever get an opportunity to tell someone that you love him or her, never miss it. It may take a second for you to tell them, but for them, it might last forever. And don’t worry about their reply. Just tell them!

Editor's Note:

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