This Is What Happens When A Free Soul Falls In Love With You

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 25 January, 2018

Life was going great with my boyfriend; he was also one of my closest friends. But then again, when are things completely perfect? They’re relatively good, or sometimes, bad; never simply perfect. Both of us are equally good in our studies, and it’s there that ego issues began cropping up, especially when I was awarded better grades.

Most of the time, when I was free, I would go to the basketball court to play. For a girl like me, with independent thoughts and strong roots, I always preferred and enjoyed chasing my dreams. Wandering around hand in hand with someone wasn’t really my idea of a relationship. In fact, I’ve always believed in the concept of a ‘power couple’; those who stay together, love each other and do some really great work together, not simply walk around, hearts in eyes, wasting 4 years of BTech.

He began having issues with my friendly nature, which he was once attracted to. He began picking fights whenever he could and told me to stop playing basketball because he didn’t want me to run around the courts in shorts.

When all of these problems kept coming up, he decided to call it off and leave me. Because of this, my studies got affected and it was painful to see that someone whom I considered my equal, someone who was supposed to be my better half… but instead, he let these small issues tore us apart.

Winter is the time for basketball tournaments, and I began keeping myself occupied with three hours of practice every day. It was better to fall asleep exhausted than stay awake crying all night.

I’m someone who can adapt easily, but getting over him wasn’t that easy. Maybe because he was a part of my day, night, 24 hours… we even had the same friend circle.

Months passed and soon winter arrived. Both the girls and boys teams were travelling for tournaments when a familiar face from the court came in front of me. I remembered him from the past, his name was Mahesh and he was a National Player that had represented the state for seven consecutive years. When he smiled at me, it wasn’t because of his successful playing career, but because of his Blue Nike pro-VI’s, the basketball shoes that I had been eyeing for a while now, and so I waved back.

After three consecutive tournaments, we became good friends. In the meantime, my ex-wanted me back in his life, but I was determined to look ahead because I knew that if anything, I had only become stronger after he left me.

Somehow, he found out that Mahesh and I were getting closer and this brewed his insecurities even more. Even though it had been months since we broke up, he began fighting with me when Mahesh’s name came up in any conversation.

Days passed and I began enjoying Mahesh’s company immensely; more than I ever did with my ex. This man is a free bird, he follows his dreams and does whatever he feels like. He never cared to think about what others thought of him and he promoted living an independent and carefree life.

I had a lot of respect for him, especially since I know how hard it is, how much courage you need, to follow your heart and ignore judgmental people.

In the middle of all these up and downs, my ex-asked me to meet him. By then, I had the strength I needed to forgive him for the past and even consider him a good friend. When we met, he began asking me about Mahesh and whether or not I had feelings for him. I was surprised because without thinking I said, “Yes.”

Of course, no one could have predicted what happened next, he punched me in my abdomen. And he didn’t stop there.

Nine months have passed since that day. I had to quit playing basketball, I couldn’t even sit on a chair without crying out in pain. I haven’t recovered yet, but I am living the life that I wanted. And the reason is Mahesh. He supported me, through everything. Every little gesture of his means a lot and me and when he smiles, that genuine smile of his, it keeps me going.

He’s taught me never to lose hope and never to fight for what I believe is mine to gain. From my medical condition to my academic struggle, he’s someone who has always cared about me.

He isn’t the man of my dreams, he’s the man I need to keep my dreams alive. Sometimes, I wonder, why this flying bird chose my tree, to build his nest?


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