They Said He Would Die Early But My Little Brother Is A Miracle

Anonymous Anonymous in Your Story on 2 June, 2018

My brother, who was a premature born, had to undergo several minor surgeries after he was born. All of us prayed for his survival and good health after he was born but his immune system and bones were too weak and the doctor said he wouldn't survive for more than three months.

My mom felt broken, shattered, disheartened, she wouldn't sleep for days and would always just pray for a miracle that would save her son.

After surviving for more than three months, he was diagnosed with a disease in his blood where he couldn't have his own blood produced in his body, he had to get his blood from the hospital as his blood count was just 3.9 where for a normal healthy human the blood count should be between 9-14. She'd take him to hospitals for blood transfusions. Also, she'd tell him to never give up and to fight against all the problems he was going through then. 3-4 years down the line, he did not need any blood transfusions and he was getting better and healthier. This is not done yet though. Then the doctor discovered that his foot was not straight and it was a bit slanted. He then had to undergo a foot surgery for which he missed out on everything, school, friends, etc.

For a regular student or a boy who is just 16, he has been through multiple health problems with his willpower which is so strong that he'd always have a smile on his face even after being on bed for two continuous months.

He would be in the operation theatre for 12 hours and everyone in our family would just pray and hope that he gets through this one also. As everyone says, group prayers do matter in terms of power, and they did for my brother. Soon after he recovered from his recent surgery, the next consecutive year he had to undergo another hip bone surgery after which the doctor said he'd be perfectly alright. He was on complete bed rest for three months and had a huge plaster from his stomach to his foot. He's completely fine now, living a healthy life and having the time of his life. My mom would always say "Doctor ne kaha tha 3 months se zyaada nahi nikal payega aur aaj usne apni zindagi ke 16 saal nikal liye". She's a woman of courage and the queen of our family as she never lost hope or gave up on us.

From 3 months to 17 years now, I'd like to encourage everyone out there to never give up because miracles do happen and one should stay strong through it all.
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