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The Week After He Returned From Home, Our Love Became My Trauma

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I was 29 when I met a guy in my office. It was the right age to find the perfect husband material guy. And yes, he was an ideal fit.

Though it was an office affair, it started out as a typical teenage relationship.

But as time passed by, our relationship grew and matured. He was caring, concerned, and supportive- all the qualities a girl seeks in her would-be partner.

Everything seemed beautiful, flawless and right.

We were committed to each other and he seemed more serious than me about our relationship. We had a lovely courtship and got a lot of time to know each other. We also shared perfect intimacy but within our limits.

I even introduced him to my brother and my sister-in-law and he was well accepted and warmly welcomed into our family. He also told his parents about me and I met his sister who lived in the same city.

It was a 3-year-long affair during which I contributed a lot to his career, in planning our future and even buying a house.

Everything was going great till he had to go to his hometown. After going there, he called and told me that his parents were not ready for our marriage. He said that he would try his best to change their mind.

I was so madly in love with the guy that I trusted him blindly and believed that he would do everything possible to convince his parents.

But after returning from his Diwali vacation, he was a changed man. He started avoiding me and even shifted his house! I was shocked to see that someone could change so drastically in just a week’s time. Yet, I gave him the benefit of doubt thinking that he was under pressure from his parents.

He kept telling me that he was trying but I got to know that he was engaged to someone else and was soon going to get married! It was a nightmare for me!

He cut off all contact with me, blocked me from social media and didn’t even tell me where he’d shifted. I felt cheated!

After 3 years of an affair and living like a couple, how could someone do such a thing?

One day, I found the contact details of the girl that he was getting married to. I told her everything that had happened but instead of understanding me, she said that it didn’t matter to her.

She told me to get out of his life because she couldn’t believe that a great guy like him could have an affair with someone!

That what his USP; he looked and behaved like a true gentleman. But no one knew how he really was! He got married to that girl and I ended up losing face in front of my family, the society, and even at my workplace. It was the worst year of my life.

It was very easy for people to portray him as the ideal man, who did everything within the limits of the community and society. But what about me, who had to face all the humiliation?

However, this so-called community-oriented guy could not sustain his marriage and ultimately got divorced. The reason for the divorce was that his wife felt he was still in contact with me and was cheating on her, which created a lot of disturbance in their newlywed life. But that was not true!

Now he is married to another girl from his own community and they’re both living happily. And I am still single and am focusing on enhancing my career.

This was a lesson of a lifetime for me.

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